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Cristal Hughes из DesignsbyCristal написал(а) (2015-05-16 01:52:40):
" I book marked this page because it's a great tool to have. However, it is so hard to use all the tags though. "
Talita из Talitahandmade написал(а) (2015-05-13 00:57:13):
" Thank you very much for your help! It's very useful information! But I don't understand why only 5 items are on first pages ? I use the tag -crochet dress in each item? "
Tykhon из TiVergy написал(а) (2015-05-12 14:10:12):
" Thank You very much for so usefull service! It very help me. Success You in Your work!!! "
Emily из Flutterby Cape Cod написал(а) (2015-05-08 22:21:03):
" interested "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-05-07 23:22:40):
" ATTENTION: It looks like Etsy makes some changes so the search is not working properly - it searches on less pages then you chose or even fail to search at all. Now I am working on some workaround ti fix it. Please, be patient.
Thank you. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-05-08 00:45:24):
" Now the search should work well. "
Evelyn из Jaybrilyn написал(а) (2015-05-06 04:19:05):
" Big helpful tool! Thank you! "
Erma из GnosisCraftsandGifts написал(а) (2015-05-06 02:18:17):
" Second attempt,lol "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-05-08 00:36:04):
" Looks like you had some problems with search, I've just fixed it, so you could give it one more attempt ;) "
Erma из GnosisCraftsandGifts написал(а) (2015-05-06 02:17:29):
" Giving this a try! "
Laurie из AntiqueLockets написал(а) (2015-04-22 19:45:11):
" Thank You for this helpful tool. I have a question for you. If listing Antique Gold Locket as a tag, should my title have the same words 'Antique Gold Locket' in it? For tags should I be using: Antique Gold Locket, locket, gold locket, locket necklace, antique locket and Victorian locket. Then for other lockets should I have the different tag suggestions such as Gold Locket in my ad listing title 'Gold Locket' and then list Gold Locket as one of my tags and then use all the other tags such as Antique Gold Locket, locket, gold locket, locket necklace, antique locket and Victorian locket. Or does having the one tag "Antique Gold Locket" mean I do not need the tags 'Antique Locket' or 'Gold Locket' or 'Locket'? Thanking you in advance for your reply and for sharing your wisdom.... "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-05-05 00:14:15):
" Hi Laurie, it looks like on Etsy title has a bit more priority then tags in search. So it is better to put the most important keywords into the title. Then I would suggest to repeat these keywords in tags but in different combinations or order to cover as many searches as possible. About repeating some words in different tags - It looks like that exact coincidence has more priority than distant likeness. For example, if you only put "Antique Gold Locket" with no "Antique Locket" tag, and someone search for "Antique Locket", then your item will have less weight in search then products with the tag "Antique Locket". Of course, there are many other conditions that influence to your position in search - nobody know them except people from Etsy probably, but more or less it is so. "
Adriana Thornton из Butterflies Soaps написал(а) (2015-04-22 00:23:49):
" I want to learn too. "
yael schiller из SCHILLERshop написал(а) (2015-04-21 13:30:37):
" I want to learn "
yael schiller из SCHILLERshop написал(а) (2015-04-21 13:30:22):
" I want to learn "
Flavia Cattorini из FlaviaBorse написал(а) (2015-04-16 18:23:53):
" Is the first time that I make use of this site, I figured out how to make best use of the tags, I will apply the advice, then I will let you know!
Thanks !! "
Anna из ArtByAnech написал(а) (2015-04-11 20:07:32):
" Thank you! Everything works correct. If you see 0 results, that means your items are not on top 20 pages of search. This script show search result for user who didn't log in on Etsy. If you are logged in, you'll see different results for the same keywords. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-04-13 20:59:58):
" Hi Anna, You are absolutely right. I'm thinking to add an option to make searches as if you where logged in, but it looks confusing to explain to users how does it work. "
Isabella из Speaking of Witch Wands написал(а) (2015-04-10 01:18:16):
" Gave me 0 results on a tag that everyone who sells like items on Etsy uses! only thing it seems to work on is hearts counter for me :( "
George из GeorgesSignArt написал(а) (2015-04-09 01:07:52):
" will only search relevancy "
dana из tesleatherbags написал(а) (2015-04-05 14:33:43):
" thank you "
Ann из Heaven ScentedBB написал(а) (2015-03-31 10:59:31):
" ta "
Melina из twinkle twinkle babies написал(а) (2015-03-31 09:20:23):
" doesn't appear to do anything... "
Melina из Twinkle Twinkle Babies написал(а) (2015-03-31 09:16:16):
" Thanks :) "
Trudy из CountryClutterHome написал(а) (2015-05-21 16:17:22):
" I found this site very helpful! I will continue to use this tool as I add new listings as well as I fine tune existing ones. Thanks a bunch, great site!! "