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Pascaline из cosyribbon написал(а) (2015-07-03 13:57:00):
" Useful and easy tool.
Roman из MyPersonalArtGallery написал(а) (2015-07-03 12:56:20):
" Same problem that Jacquelinefrom BlueLotusDesigns "
nikki mclaughlin из nikkimcl написал(а) (2015-07-02 15:21:50):
" I too am experiencing the same problem that Jacqueline from Blue Lotus Designs has explained. "
Jacqueline из BlueLotusDesigns написал(а) (2015-07-02 06:44:46):
" It appears that there may be a bug with the search. When I search "crystal point necklace" it shows me another item of mind that does not include ANY of the terms used in the search. I also tried searching a few other keywords and it continuously shows me the same item over and over regardless of what keyword I search, even ones that are not used in my shop. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-07-03 14:52:40):
" Thanks for reporting - I'll check and try to fix it as soon as possible "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-07-05 14:55:04):
" I have just solved this issue, feel free to test and report if you find some bugs.

Thank you. "
nikki mclaughlin из nikkimcl написал(а) (2015-07-01 17:57:20):
" In checking for verification I found the first earring was actually on page 10 not5. The 2nd was on page 6 not 7. The 3rd earring was on page 9 not 11. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-07-01 22:34:16):
" Well, there are few reasons for this. First of all Etsy randomizes a bit search results for each user session. So for each user for the same search at the same moment, the same listing could appear few places upper or lower. You can check it clicking with the right button of the mouse on "on page number X" in the results of search here and select "open link in incognito window". Remember positions of products and close incognito window (yes the window, not only the tab). Then open the same link in incognito window again and repeat the same action few times - you'll see that positions changes each(or almost each) time. "
lia kirel из noaliafinejewelry написал(а) (2015-06-28 11:41:51):
" Great tool, I use it every day. "
Aurora Woods из Quilting Frenzy написал(а) (2015-06-26 15:40:27):
" looking forward to using this site "
Crisandra из Glamourfavor написал(а) (2015-06-25 03:22:04):
" Cool "
TAL из REDBRACELET написал(а) (2015-06-23 13:44:35):
Wow из Diamond написал(а) (2015-06-23 07:25:31):
" Great! "
Rasa из SunnyNotes написал(а) (2015-06-21 23:40:39):
" Very useful site. Will use it again. "
Molly King из MississippiMolly написал(а) (2015-06-20 19:55:12):
" I searched for the term "wreaths" and the results showed product count: 0. I checked it on etsy and 157241 results were listed. "
Linda Thompson из BrightBoldArt написал(а) (2015-08-29 17:27:21):
" Molly, I think that means that none of your wreaths showed up in 5,10, or 20 pages and there are 157241 wreaths on Etsy. This information can help you improve your titles and tags. "
cserpent из cserpent написал(а) (2015-06-20 03:01:40):
" Search yielded no results. Checked on Etsy. My work is successfully placed on the first page of the search. And the system didn't find anything. I searched "handmade lampwork bracelet chocolate sterling". I also see the following html warning on the top of the page:

Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): Empty string supplied as input in /var/www/clients/client2/web4/web/models/etsy.php on line 164 "
Lina из Erlinge Jewelry написал(а) (2015-06-17 17:45:56):
" very helpful gadget! "
Elena из tayberrydecor написал(а) (2015-06-15 00:30:19):
" I just found out about this site! Very helpful. "
Сергей из woodheaddolls написал(а) (2015-06-13 18:00:04):
" Все работает спасибо "
Sanja из DreamCreates написал(а) (2015-06-12 18:14:05):
" Thank you so much! Etsy Gadget is sooo helpful! "
maria jose из YOYATEX написал(а) (2015-06-10 05:44:36):
" Very helpful page. I love it!
thanks "
Doddibird из JoeisStuff написал(а) (2015-06-10 01:33:58):
" Beautiful vintage and handmade jewelry! "
Susan Umlauf из susanRuthsCreations написал(а) (2015-06-10 01:14:39):
" love this...great idea