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Grzegorz из CovoyLeather написал(а) (2015-10-07 19:27:24):
" It's awesome!You thought the introduction of the history of the position? This may be an optional extra pay. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-08 15:28:12):
" Yeah, I'm thinking about it, I'm prepareing new engine for etsygadget right now, and when it is finished, one of the features will be historical of results with some graphs probably. You will need to be registered user, but initially it will be for free. Some payed functionality expected, but many not. I don't have much time for it so no talks about finish time :p "
angelique bret из sublimeliberty написал(а) (2015-10-07 13:23:45):
" I can't find my shop... maybe I'm doing wrong too. I thought used good tags...
Could you help me please ? "
emily из Bella Emy Jewels написал(а) (2015-10-07 08:24:56):
" Nothing's happening: it the gadget functioning? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-08 15:12:51):
" Yes, it is functional. Put the search you did in comments or through contact form(http://etsygadget.com/en/contacts/) and I'll check it out. "
andy из thestickupkid написал(а) (2015-10-06 19:43:04):
" Im not getting any results for decals, quotes, wall stickers or anything with the limit of pages set to 20. Are my search tags really that bad or am i doing something wrong - thanks,
Andy "
Ashley из Seedybeads написал(а) (2015-10-05 06:17:35):
" Hello, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I've tried different searches and 0 results, please help! Thank you in advance! "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-06 00:38:22):
" Hi Ashley,
it does seem like your shop is very poorly positioned in search. Probably it is because of very generic tags you use (for example tag "love" is not very useful. Also tag "6 mm bead" is useless for bracelet listing). You need to think like a potential buyer, how would you SEARCH on etsy to find your listings? Nobody will search "6 mm bead bracelet", but probably "Pink metal bracelet".

Anyway, if you search something more specific, for example "Metal kumihimo" you'll see some results. "
Mattie Spivey из Sweet Cheeks Embroidery Boutique написал(а) (2015-10-04 07:06:16):
" thanks "
Kathy Terry из Hattie Designs написал(а) (2015-10-04 03:30:08):
" Hi, I have tried several searches and I am not getting any results. I have filled in all the categories and waited about five minutes for each search. Is there a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your assistance. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-04 23:38:27):
" Hi Kathy,
Your shop name is "HattieDesigns" written together - if you search like this - you'll see some results. "
Mattie Spivey из Sweet Cheeks Embroidery Boutique написал(а) (2015-10-03 22:11:32):
" Awesome "
katia из kattyoosh написал(а) (2015-10-03 20:36:56):
" Thank you so much.It is very useful. "
Marianne из MarianneMerceria написал(а) (2015-10-03 19:25:14):
" Thank you "
Ella из suibokuga написал(а) (2015-10-03 14:10:10):
" It is very useful! Thank you so much! "
Marianne из MarianneMerceria написал(а) (2015-10-02 20:03:07):
" thank you "
marianne из MarianneMerceria написал(а) (2015-10-02 20:01:16):
" thx so much "
Cindy из CinLynnBoutique написал(а) (2015-10-02 15:21:54):
" I'm glad I found this! It's going to help a lot! "
Indigo из IndigoStudioVintage написал(а) (2015-10-01 10:29:31):
" this is very very cool.
big thanks "
Marianne из MarianneMerceria написал(а) (2015-09-30 20:07:10):
" Thank you! "
Særún Ósk Gunnarsdóttir из mybeautifulmonster написал(а) (2015-09-29 21:16:40):
" Thanks "
Lisa из anamcrochetdesigns написал(а) (2015-09-29 00:43:18):
" Thank you "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-09-28 23:41:33):
" Today the website is under maintenance.
!!!Sorry Everyone!!!
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-09-29 09:30:25):
" The web is working back again. If you see some error messages, please comment. Thank you. "
Irith Mashiah из rioritajewelry написал(а) (2015-09-28 21:13:18):
" Hello,
For some strange reason I do not receive a reaction to my search today. What happened?
Thanks! Irith:)