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Amanda из mailmadeeasy написал(а) (2015-11-15 16:51:45):
" Thanks for this great tool! "
Christina из chrissilynndesigns написал(а) (2015-11-13 19:55:11):
" nothing shows up...product count 0. "
Bridget Erickson из thelandofbridget написал(а) (2015-11-12 18:38:59):
" Thank you! "
Nicole из brizelsupplies написал(а) (2015-11-12 15:59:13):
" I'm not sure i understand your tool. It says 0 products count found when i searched for: buttons and vintage buttons. Every listing in my shop has those tags and keywords. Am i not using your tool correctly ? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-14 21:55:35):
" No, it only means that there where no your products found on first(5,10,20 - depending of your search) pages "
Vic из SepiaTree написал(а) (2015-11-12 15:07:17):
" This tool is great! It is very useful to assist in getting closer to those hard to reach first search pages. "
rachel из mummyslittletreasure написал(а) (2015-11-11 17:54:32):
" slightly addictive lol
rachel из mummyslittletreasure написал(а) (2015-11-11 14:06:58):
" very handy "
Nancy Denton из BghBotanicals написал(а) (2015-11-10 17:05:53):
" weird, does this come up in a pop up box or something? I'm seeing nothing when it searches. "
GalinaDolia из GalinaDoliaCrochet написал(а) (2015-11-09 23:20:48):
" Проверьте пжл поиск моих ключевых слов "
Gulsen из ltldizayndiy написал(а) (2015-11-09 15:25:33):
" Thanks much ! Great Tool! "
nike из objectsandoddities@etsy.com написал(а) (2015-11-09 04:19:38):
" nothing came up "
Piervito из PiervitoMusic написал(а) (2015-11-08 20:20:30):
" I just opened shop on etsy and I am searching how to better maximize the ranking on etsy search engine.
Is you website affiliated with etsy???? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-11 15:12:19):
" No, Etsy Gadget is not affilated with Etsy - it only uses Etsy API "
girlfriendnecklace из girlfriendnecklace написал(а) (2015-11-08 20:08:38):
" Looks like it's going to help me! I tried few search and I see my positions. "
Tali из yifatbareket написал(а) (2015-11-08 16:05:44):
" Great tool!! Tnx "
Brandie Thomas из Roserenaefashions написал(а) (2015-11-08 08:59:14):
" Even though the search word is a tag on *each* listing ... This utility "found" NONE of my listings. It makes absolutely NO sense! frustrated!! "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-08 18:18:14):
" Probably you are looking for some very common search word... just imagine how many other shops have listings with exactly the same search words... they are many and many thousands "
Carmen Hyde из Old House Mercantile написал(а) (2015-11-07 15:03:05):
" Thanks so much! "
Susann из Vonfrida написал(а) (2015-11-07 09:54:27):
" Seems like your results are only relevant if shop location is US. Have just tested " colorful bead necklace" on Etsy search with different devices and are on page 1 on all of them if shop location is ANYWHERE. Your results page told me I wasnt anywhere on the first 5 pages which is only the case if shop location is changed to UNITED STATES "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-07 20:22:27):
" No, it searches as "anywhere" shop location. You can easily check it clicking on the searched keywords in the search result (event if there are no your products found) "
Chandreyee из Toad's Lily Pond Jewelry написал(а) (2015-11-07 09:18:23):
" I greatly appreciate this site! Thanks so much for being a continued resource for us Etsy sellers to improve our listings in a less time consuming way. :) "
Connie из babypropsbyconnie написал(а) (2015-11-07 05:27:32):
" I love love love this etsy gadget. I do have a question. I can not get my listing for fingerless gloves to come up. Even typing the word fingerless comes up as misspelled. Please help. ty "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-07 20:11:04):
" Searching for "finger less gloves" I found your listings on pages 3, 4 and 6 "
Bethany pierce из boutiquesketches написал(а) (2015-11-06 17:19:35):
" Is there a way to see what exact page your listings are on past 20 pages? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-07 20:05:19):
" No, by now the search is limited to 20 pages. There are plans to provide extended search as payed service. "
Lisa из ArtisticFunk написал(а) (2015-11-11 18:57:30):
" An extended search as payed service. " that would be awessome! "