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Charlene Butts из KROCHETBYCB написал(а) (2016-05-06 21:13:51):
" The EtsyGadget UnFav-Fav is not working with the new shop update when I would like to play the heart 24 or 48 items from a shop. Is there an updated version for this. To execute this game I would have to heart each item individually and that is time consuming. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2016-05-08 16:40:10):
" It looks like you have an old version of Unfav-Fav installed and your browser for some reason did not update it automatically. Please, try following this tutorial to force your Chrome to update the extension: http://www.howtogeek.com/64525/how-to-manually-force-google-chrome-to-update-extensions/ "
Leila Blakely из La's Lovelies написал(а) (2016-04-06 19:05:20):
" Since our new Etsy look took place on April 5th I am not able to use my unfave/fave gadget for faving items in other shops. Will this be updated soon to help those of us who want to promote other shops?
Thank you and sincerely,
La's Lovelies
p.s. so many of us have come to rely on this fabulous gadget but now it's not working for us "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2016-04-06 19:43:45):
" Hi, Leila.

Thank you for letting me know.
I am already working on it :)

Greetings. "
Злата из BadooCrafts написал(а) (2016-01-29 21:08:17):
" Хочу купить у вас плагины. Вопрос: плагин устанавливается только на один компьютер или можно на несколько? Спасибо! "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2016-01-30 13:18:36):
" Можно устанавливать на все ваши компьютеры - не забудьте быть залогиненной под одним и тем же аккаунтом. "
kathi из fugitivekatcreations написал(а) (2015-12-15 21:27:25):
" OMG I love this app. Thank you! "
PatternsArt из patternsART написал(а) (2015-10-31 23:24:58):
" I bought Unfav-fav and it works for my two stores in ETSY but does not work for my new third store. Why? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-02 18:38:30):
" New shops have different limits on heartings on Etsy - they can not use all 300 hearts per hour.
I'm almost 100% sure it does its job, but because of reduced limits it only favs first 50 items or so (I also heard that new shops have something like 1000 hearts for 6 hours) I couldn't find out exact limits for new shops. so as extension doesn't know about this limit, it continues liking until 300 but Etsy only counts what is under the (reduced) limit.

People say that new shop's limits applied for about a month after shop registered but nobody who I know is really sure about they terms and limits. "
tahel из tahelsadot написал(а) (2015-10-20 06:26:16):
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-20 13:00:32):
" It will replace the button in favathons. "
Wendell из Wendell написал(а) (2015-08-26 09:50:50):
" We have vintage ones from time to time and have been wroking on having some all the time. We currently have two vintage ones in stock, one is wood and is available (on etsy here: ). The other is metal and I need to get it listed! "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-08-26 12:58:07):
" What do you mean? Sorry, I don't understand you question or suggesion... "
Amir Saul из JUDtlv написал(а) (2015-08-23 14:30:35):
" Hi
I am using a new computer.
I have logged in to chrome with my user name but it wouldnt recognize to activate the Fav/Unfav app.
It gives that message :

Please help solve..
Amir "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-08-23 19:31:36):
" Hi, I am sorry to hear it. For some reason the message didn't copy, could you, please publish it again?
Probably you can be logged into Chrome but not in Google itself - you need to be logged in both under the same account. Even better write me to http://etsygadget.com/en/contacts/ the message with the email of account you used to buy the extension - I'll check what I can see. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-07-15 13:09:29):
" I'm working on it. But there are also many other tasks, but I hope in a week or two have some time to implement this feature. "
Lori из AbishJewelryWorks написал(а) (2015-08-08 12:40:31):
" Was checking back to see how the separation between auto fave and single page fave was coming. There also needs to be a stop faving feature on the auto fave please. When doing a faving thread that is completed and there's 20 pages of just people saying "done" after the administrator has said no more posts on the thread, there is no reason to wait for the faving automator to continue and it wastes time waiting for it to get to the last page. The stop button would save a TON of time which is what we're trying to accomplish here, not waste time waiting for the automator to stop. Thank you for working on these improvements. "
leeann из littleshopofflorals написал(а) (2015-07-15 11:15:49):
" I really want to use this, but I agree with Lori. Is there a way to have both buttons, or a way to switch from the autofave to the single page when needed? "
Lori из AbishJewelryWorks написал(а) (2015-06-19 00:31:46):
" I love the automator. However, there are times when I still need to do one page at a time. Is there a way to have two buttons, one for fave a page at a time and one for fave all pages? That would be INCREDIBLY helpful. Thanks "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-06-19 13:18:27):
" Hi Lori,

Glad you like it... Probably I'll release soon new version with some additional options and I'll try to include this one. Thank you for the proposition. "
Lori из AbishJewelryWorks написал(а) (2015-06-22 08:46:21):
" Oh, and a way to stop the automation too would be nice. I accidentally started an automatic faving on a thread I had already done, so I needed to stop it and couldn't figure out how. I closed the page, but that caused error messages. It would be better to have a stop button. Thanks a bunch. "
Nataliya Businka из NataliyaBusinka написал(а) (2015-05-19 07:51:42):
" Замечательные приложения. С первых минут использования поняла их эффективность. 13 Долларов это не те деньги, которые стоит экономить. Мое время стоит гораздо дороже и не хочется его тратить на лайки товаров, а лучше занять его эффективно. Радости не было предела когда я нашла ваши приложения. Спасибо Вам программисты)) Успехов. Буду рекламировать Ваш продукт в своих группах в соц сетях, в частности ВКОНТАКТЕ.
Wonderful application. From the first minutes of use to understand their effectiveness. $ 13 is not the money that is worth saving. My time is much more expensive and do not want to spend it on goods huskies, but rather to take it effectively. Joy knew no bounds when I found your applications. Thank you programmers)) Good luck. I will advertise your product in their groups in social networks, in particular Vkontakte. "
Asen Stoev из RALIJEWELLERY написал(а) (2015-04-14 21:40:49):
" It work. Really. I feel soo laaaaaaaaazyyyyyy.
You must add a auto post function for "here". Then it will be a top of the laziness!!!!
I still lose time during faving. I can't stop watching how it work. It hypnotize me.

When hearts out, must back one page. Now it can miss some posts "