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Dorene Rakebrand из beanzvintiques написал(а) (2016-01-19 18:55:00):
" Again... I bought this on the 17th and it worked fine, but I have not seen it since! "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2016-01-23 19:52:09):
" Let me know if you still have this problem. "
Dorene Rakebrand из beanzvintiques написал(а) (2016-01-18 23:28:08):
" I bought this yesterday and it worked fine. Today it is GONE! "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2016-01-23 19:46:21):
" I think I have answered you by email or support system, but just ins case. Try pressing CTRL+(minus) to scale down Etsy a bit - the button is probably "out of the screen". "
Cathy J. Carlson Gallagher из All.That.Jazz.JewelryCG написал(а) (2016-01-09 00:17:51):
" just want to make sure that my purchase of the favathon for $14.95 (?) isn't automatically paid year to year... I only want the ONE year I already paid for... Thanks for responding "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2016-01-11 00:19:43):
" You can cancel the subscription in your http://wallet.google.com "
Zisie из Amanda K написал(а) (2015-12-22 20:56:00):
" Last week I paid for Etsy Fav-unfav however I cant understand why I cannot access it.. there is no button coming up ? What do you suggest I should do? Thanks "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-12-22 23:34:19):
" Try pressing CTRL+(minus) in the thread to see the button if you have small screen "
Zisie из Amanda K написал(а) (2015-12-24 12:46:27):
" I have tried that but the button is still no where to be found!?! "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-12-24 15:25:52):
" Please check that you bought the extension using the same account (email) you are trying to use it. "
Виктория из StainedGlassHandmade написал(а) (2015-12-21 11:46:19):
" " Здравствуйте у меня аналогичная проблема:

" Здравствуйте! у меня проблема с покупкой этого приложения. В поддержке, куда я писала несколько раз, мне не отвечают. Суть вот в чем -попыталась купить приложение, но покупка была отклонена банком. Как позже выяснилось - это предосторожности банка из-за покупок за рубежом в гривнах - происходит двойная конвертация валюты, не все клиенты это одобряют. т.к. покупка обходится дороже заявленной у вас.
С банком проблему решила, теперь после той операции у вас, у меня висит передупреждение: "Мы пока не можем обработать ваш заказ, но сделаем это при первой возможности. Повторите попытку позже. Вы можете отменить покупку, пока заказ не обработан". Кнопки неактивны, ничего ни отменить ни повторить я не могу.
Помогите разобраться пожалуйста с приложением, точнее его приобрести.
спасибо! " " "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-12-22 23:32:51):
" отвечено по почте. "
Efrat из netagilboa написал(а) (2015-12-14 07:41:46):
" all of my gadgets disappeared. I reinstalled the clickathon button but I don't want to pay again for the fav/unfav button again. I tried to go enable my chrome extension but it just wasn't there. what do I do? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-12-14 15:13:53):
" Try pressing CTRL+. Probably Chrome dropped zoom settings for Etsy and the buttons doesn't fit on the screen "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-12-14 15:15:43):
" Sorry, CTRL+(minus) "
Efrat из netagilboa написал(а) (2015-12-14 18:44:01):
" didn't work "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-12-14 22:56:03):
" Ok, please write me by http://etsygadget.com/en/contacts/ we'll continue conversation by mail to be able to attach images and not flooding comments. "
Isabelle из zazaofcanada написал(а) (2015-12-06 18:22:15):
" Hello, Can we pay with paypal? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-12-06 21:09:16):
" No, by now PayPal is not supported by Chrome Webstore - only Google Wallet. Sorry. "
Teri McGreevy из Tericycle написал(а) (2015-12-01 04:19:21):
" I don't want to 'pretend' to buy just to see the cost of these extensions. Why NOT show the price up front? Can you substantiate the price?
Thanks "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-12-01 15:05:46):
" Beause the in Chrome webstore the price is configured in the currency of each country, so it varies depending on from which country you are. I can not put any price here because it would be very imprecise. Sorry. "
Bit of Hope из Bit of Hope написал(а) (2015-11-29 16:48:23):
" Hi, I purchased the extension Unfav/fav button in Nov 2015 and it went missing. It worked for a week or so then disappeared. Please help. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-29 22:50:37):
" Answered by email... but will repeat here - try hitting ctrl+(minus) to see the buttons. "
Malina Ilieva из MalinaLinART написал(а) (2015-11-19 19:42:23):
" I bought extension Etsy Unfav-Fav in early November. The payment was made on 06.11.2015 years. Today 11/17/2015 year button the application is still missing.
The message is "WARNING !!!
You have just installed "Unfav-Fav Automator (Addon to" Etsy Unfav-Fav ")" but it ONLY WORKS WITH "Etsy Unfav-Fav" installed. You need to buy and install "Etsy Unfav-Fav" in order to make "Unfav-Fav Automator" work. If not, please, cancell your order within 30 minutes after you bought "Unfav-Fav Automator" for free. After that grace period you can not cancel the order neither ask for refund. "Buttons" Buy and Install "Etsy Unfav-Fav" or "Uninstall "Unfav-Fav Automator (Addon to" Etsy Unfav-Fav ")".
What should I do to button appears? "
lisa из ChicStatements написал(а) (2015-11-15 21:18:40):
" I purchased this a while ago. Today, the button has disappeared. Please help! Thanks. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-15 23:42:08):
" Try pressing CTRL+(minus) "
Богдан из bonbame написал(а) (2015-11-14 12:18:29):
" не могу проплатить, подскажите, что делать?
Система пишет:
Мы пока не можем обработать ваш заказ, но сделаем это при первой возможности. Повторите попытку позже. Вы можете отменить покупку, пока заказ не обработан. "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-14 22:23:46):
" Ваш заказ кажется уже обработан, но если у Вас проблемы с установкой - пишите, будем разбираться
Maria Plover из SEWsational Stitches написал(а) (2015-11-12 00:31:17):
" I have purchased your product and it worked for a few days and then it didn't show up on my screen. I mistakenly removed it from the Chrome app list. How do I get it back and why wasn't it working? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-14 22:01:34):
" Just install it again. You need to be logged under the same google account you bought the extension with - in this case you will be able to install it again with no additional fee. "
Michal Levy из michalevyjewelry написал(а) (2015-11-04 19:42:57):
" Hi,

unfortunatly the fave and th click disapeared... what should I do? I can't play...


Michal "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-11-06 14:58:56):
" Try disable and enable again both extensions. You can see on this video how to do it: https://youtu.be/yfX6kZ7c1n8 "
Pina из JewellRay написал(а) (2015-10-27 10:45:31):
" I have problem: when I fav/re-fav more than 285 hearts - all hearts in the 3 previous [ages turn gray... they are all un faved... Why is that?? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-27 15:17:30):
" Because you have really unfav/faved 300 listings - hearts counter sometimes is unprecise - I have explained this many times in comments to it. When your computer is slow or overloaded, counter just loose to count some hearts. Sometimes it can "forget" to calc up to 50 hearts. I already have a fix for the counter, but it is now in testing. "
Anneta из MasterMommy написал(а) (2015-10-22 09:07:04):
" Добрый день. не могу купить приложение. карта валютная виза приват. С нее я оплачиваю платежи Этси. Лимит платежей в интернете проверила, стоит 15 долл. Гугл никаких предложений не прислал как решить эту проблему. Что-то может быть посоветуете? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-25 12:55:27):
" Скорее всего проблема именно в том, что карта валютная - оплата производиться в валюте страны покупателя, так что если Вы из Украины, то оплата будет в гривнах (хотя судя по отзывам некоторые банки производят двойную конвертацию). "
tahel из tahelsadot написал(а) (2015-10-19 21:01:02):
" I got a new computer, i already bought the "Etsy Fav-Unfav"
for a year, how do i use it in my new computer? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-19 23:52:34):
" Just log in into Chrome using the same account and if you had synchronization of account activated - the extension will be installed automatically. In other case - just install it again manually from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/etsy-unfav-fav/mibldfepmchoiladoannfblpilcphclh - it is attached to your account, so you will not be charged again. "
Emanuela из ManuchePostcardsFrom написал(а) (2015-10-17 09:53:52):
" Hi, I've synchronized all my computers and mac, but in my chrome profile doens't appear this extension! The others work, but this not. Could you solve this problem?
Thanks "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-17 13:12:43):
" Just install it manually from here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/etsy-unfav-fav/mibldfepmchoiladoannfblpilcphclh

As it is bought using your Google profile - you will not be charged again. "
Lisa из ChicStatements написал(а) (2015-10-16 01:43:04):
" Are any of these apps available for androids? If not, do you expect to have them available in the near future? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-16 15:08:37):
" By now there are no apps for Android, but I am planning to make them. "
Наталия из DodoCharms написал(а) (2015-10-15 22:26:38):
" Только что удалось оплатить программу с помощью Интеренет карты Привата. Как теперь установить приложение? "
Admin из EtsyGadget написал(а) (2015-10-16 15:07:04):
" Зайдите по ссылке https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mibldfepmchoiladoannfblpilcphclh и нажмите "Установить" "