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Stanislav Novkov de Tonena ha escrito (2017-04-07 14:05:04):
" I'm amazed! Great work! "
Milly de MillyCrochet ha escrito (2017-03-27 01:09:41):
" THANK YOU! I believe that this is the most useful for me, at the moment. "
Jane de JBStudio777 ha escrito (2017-03-24 13:50:19):
" " Thank you very much! A very useful resource, that I will use " "
C taylor de Popsugarstudio ha escrito (2017-03-24 00:44:36):
" Thank you!!! "
Sue de SuesUpcyclednVintage ha escrito (2017-03-23 11:08:59):
" Are you sure the results are still accurate? (I've used this in the past and love it.) I am searching "Wheels Magazine", incognito, with no country chosen in ship to, on Etsy. Etsy gives me 1 per page for about the 1st 5 pages, then the listings are almost all mine for the next 3 pages. EtsyGadget shows that only 1 of my listings appears in 20 pages. This is quite a discrepancy. I am about to teach people about your product, and I want to make sure it is worth telling them about. "
Ludmila de CraftsmanShopUA ha escrito (2017-03-14 18:15:42):
" Thank you! Very useful resource "
Osvalds Cans de UniqueFishGifts ha escrito (2017-03-08 23:31:53):
" " Thank you! " "
Лилия de LotosJewelryHandmade ha escrito (2017-02-25 11:27:05):
" Здорово. Спасибо. Где теги проставленны продумано,изделие находит на первых страницах. А где теги так,как попало,даже не находит на первых 20 страницах. Есть над чем работать,нужно менять теги. Большая благодарность разработчикам. "
Laurie de AntiqueLockets ha escrito (2017-02-25 05:12:27):
" I would like the link to my shop deleted as soon as possible please. I have left several messages with no reply. "
Admin de Admin ha escrito (2017-02-27 10:35:58):
" Hi

Where do your see you shop's link?

Best regards. "
Aleksandr de BestDreamcatcherShop ha escrito (2017-02-22 07:55:50):
" thanks "
Elena de Allaboutevecreations ha escrito (2017-02-21 14:35:10):
" Brilliant tool! Thank you! "
Юлия Половенко de RitzylookUA ha escrito (2017-02-17 09:02:09):
" Очень полезный ресурс. Буду использовать. "
Kseniya de KSGlassArtDecor ha escrito (2017-02-15 15:07:33):
" Thank you very much! A very useful resource, that I will use "
Mix and Match Boutique de Mix and Match Boutique ha escrito (2017-02-13 12:28:00):
" Thank you! "
Emily de periperidesigns ha escrito (2017-02-12 09:10:02):
" excellent "
Barb Wells de papertreasuresshoppe ha escrito (2017-02-11 04:20:37):
" You're not finding my items but I am finding them manually within 10 pages.
Usually it works and its great! "
HC de ilovejewelrieshk ha escrito (2017-02-07 22:11:15):
" Thank you so much for this free product tags website! It is very useful to me! "
Kristina Griffin de ChimericSoul ha escrito (2017-02-02 12:54:41):
" Your search is not right. After doing a search and it saying 0 was found I clicked on the Chainmaille earrings link and I show up on page #1, 9 rows down.

Search Chainmaille earrings on first 20 pages of products from shop ChimericSoul

Products of ChimericSoul found in search: 0 "
Laurie de AntiqueLockets ha escrito (2017-02-02 05:44:47):
" Would you please tell me what I am doing wrong. It is not showing accurate results? "
Laurie de AntiqueLockets ha escrito (2017-01-27 20:58:40):
Huge 9ct Antique Locket Rose Gold Locket Necklace Gold Heart Locket Victorian Locket ...
position 10 on page number 1
Tags 13

not accurate. Why aren't other listings showing up? "