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benbenart de benbenart ha escrito (2015-10-28 12:11:31):
" i did not understand that "
Aj de Atl enterprise ha escrito (2015-10-28 04:22:50):
" Awes e site "
Traci Gaidos de Posh Penguin Creations ha escrito (2015-10-27 21:28:19):
" Great gadget! "
Jackie de Jacleens Boutique ha escrito (2015-10-25 16:23:19):
" Looking for new ways to improve my sales. "
sagit katchka de sagitkatchkapottery ha escrito (2015-10-28 12:51:25):
" looking for new ways to improve my sales "
Yulia de AdorableFun ha escrito (2015-10-25 05:30:43):
" I am confused about how this works. Most of my items are tagged "flower girl gift". However, this page tells me that I have zero in the first 5 pages of my product shop. How is that possible? It's not a single occurrence, this happens all the time. What am I missing? Thanks! "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-25 12:43:30):
" Hi,

First of all you have very few listings, so the probability to be shown in search results is pretty low. Anyway, I have checked this search for more pages and your products start appearing since 47th page.
My advise is to make your shop a bit bigger and use tags which you wish to promote better in the title of the listings (at the beginning of the title). "
Yulia de AdorableFun ha escrito (2015-10-25 15:02:56):
" Oh, ok, that makes sense, I was reading the output on your site wrong. Thanks! "
Etseo Shop Tools, SEO Help And Keywords de Etseo ha escrito (2015-10-24 23:10:47):
" I just want to say this is a GREAT tool! I've used it for all three of my shops and it's helped me to bump some listings up and to remove tags from less desirable items that were ranking too high (and therefore pushing my other items back). I recommend this to people who purchase my Etsy shop tools. Thanks for creating this! "
Fay de Foressentialoil ha escrito (2015-10-23 17:05:16):
" Hi
I can't find my shop at all .
My shop has 0 views and impression despite Activation of the promotion ads.

When I key in all my keyword, my shop is not showing up too. Something is very very wrong. Can you help pls?
Thks "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-25 12:46:05):
" It looks like you don't have shop at all... or at least the name you indicated in comment is the name of the user which has no shop. "
Jill de JillMelyssa ha escrito (2015-10-18 19:51:51):
" I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but the search isn't working for me. I've waited 5 minutes and nothing. I tried my shop name as JillMelyssa and Jill Melyssa and both resulted in nothing. "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-19 15:21:46):
" Searching my "Minecraft creeper necklace" you have a lot of listings on the first page. "
Gita de GitasJewelryShop ha escrito (2015-10-18 10:35:21):
" Not correct at all! Just made a search of a word somebody used to feat. me in a treasury! They found me, cause my item is on page 9... I checked the forst 20 pages here, but the gadget said: Products count founds: 0
Gita de GitasJewelryShop ha escrito (2015-10-20 23:58:25):
" OK, I was curious and made the same search again! Now it's working! The gadget said I am on page 11 now, and I am already on page 12... But it's close enough! Anyway, the search is different, depends on which side of the world you are checking. "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-21 15:09:15):
" Probably if was some temporary error, connection fail os something similar "
lior shachar de 1220ceramicsstudio ha escrito (2015-10-17 20:57:40):
" Thank you "
Imrana de www.etsy.com/shop/HandmadeCovers ha escrito (2015-10-17 16:17:42):
" Please search my shop's listings. "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-19 15:24:25):
" Search for "HandmadeCovers" shopname and this keyphrase "MacBook 11 Case" - you are on all pages from 1 to 10. "
v de fsf ha escrito (2015-10-17 07:16:35):
" very useful "
TJ de NA ha escrito (2015-10-16 07:40:33):
" From my experience, Etsy's search results are vastly between PC devices versus mobile devices. The search results for this gadget appear to closely match etsy search for mobile devices. Why Etsy search results are different between devices and will it always be this way? Who knows. But, keep this in mind when using this gadget. "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-16 15:13:40):
" The difference is not only between mobile and PC versions - if you search the same on PC in different browsers(or different sessions in the same browser) you will also see a bit different results (normally the difference is pretty small), because they use few different algorithm at the same time (meanwhile each session attached to the same algorithm - so if you repeat the search in the same session - the results will not change).

This tool shows ONE of the resuls for PC, but in average the results will be pretty close. "
maria Jose de spiralspiral ha escrito (2015-10-15 16:45:11):
" Say that my item appears on page 1 position 32 but it is not the photograph is my item neither my store. "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-15 22:06:23):
" As I explained somewhere in comments before - it's because Etsy uses few different search algorithms at the same time and their results could differ a bit(not much) - if you repeat the same search few times in different browsers you'll see some differences in results too. So it shows position of your listing in one of these algorithms and you should find your listing around indicated position. "
Susann de Vonfrida ha escrito (2015-10-15 14:10:45):
" Despite constand keyword and tag change still low views, are my keywords too generic? "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-15 22:10:44):
" On the first view, you don't have too generic tags, but you there are a lot of rivalry on these words. Also you have very few views and likes, so your shop and listings rated worse. "
Arnoldo Gutierrez de Nature in had ha escrito (2015-10-11 07:30:44):
" Hi, I cant find my store on search can you help us. "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-12 14:57:28):
" I can't find your shop on Etsy - what is the exact name of your shop? "
Nature in had de Nature in had ha escrito (2015-10-12 22:19:05):
" Hi, thanks for answer, our store is Nature In Hand, please help us ! "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-12 23:44:46):
" Hi, your products have very generic tags so they are not so well positioned, for example I searched "decorative vases" and you listings appear from 33rd page. So you are in search, but pretty far from the beginning. "
Arnoldo Gutierrez de Nature in had ha escrito (2015-10-13 04:44:54):
" What I have to do to be on the spotlight? "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-13 18:39:04):
" Use more specific tags. Use search keywords in the titles of listings, and in descriptions. Play "games" in teams to get more views and hearts as they improve general ranking of your shop. There are many different types of them "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-13 18:45:24):
" Generally, think like potential buyer and try to adapt your listings as much as possible to what the buyer would search "
sammie de Thats Sew Sammie ha escrito (2015-10-10 14:47:25):
" I have tried searching my shop name and "baby girl romper" and nothing comes up, i deleted my shop name from the search and typed baby girl clothes and still nothing come up when i clicked search. did I not do it correctly? "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-12 14:53:05):
" Your shop name on etsy is "SewSammi" so you need to search it as so (in the "Shop name" field) "
Mika Harmony de www.etsy.com/shop/MikaHarmony ha escrito (2015-10-10 06:59:13):
" Thanks so much! I just found your website. Very cool information. I enjoy making and selling my art. I often wonder how to list my items with the best keywords so more people can find and enjoy my art...so they can Bring Aloha Home!
Mahalos! (Thank you!) Mika Harmony "
olga carmody de mrandmrswallet.etsy.com ha escrito (2015-10-10 05:06:56):
" I can't see any results with your search. Is it working? I even searched for my shop's name - nothing. Please advise.
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-12 14:35:14):
" Ohh, you are pretty well positioned to say truth - I have searched for "MrAndMrsWallet" and "phone wallet clutch" and you are almost on all pages starting from the 1st !!!
Probably you just searched wrongly - you need to use your shop name "MrAndMrsWallet" "
Jen de thechinagirl ha escrito (2015-10-09 23:14:32):
" I'm not sure why my shop is not coming up. "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2015-10-12 14:30:51):
" As you can see here: http://etsygadget.com/en/shop_stat/ your shop almost doesn't have activity - 1 view/day and 0.02 likes/day as much. It looks like "active" shops positioned better. Some teams could help you to hace more activity. "