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Artie Wartick de H ha escrito (2016-01-19 16:22:40):
" 3rd day of no results. "
Artie Wartick de Handmade by Artie ha escrito (2016-01-18 18:22:20):
" I don't even get the searching thing going around after I click submit.
Artie Wartick de Handmade by Artie ha escrito (2016-01-18 18:16:16):
" Still no results showing. Was getting results on 1/16 and then it stopped. "
Artie Wartick de Handmade by Artie ha escrito (2016-01-18 03:29:49):
" Is something wrong with the program? It stopped working for me last night and still isn't giving me anything except for all the ads. It was giving me the keyword information yesterday but now it is not. "
Elle de Elle Tarot ha escrito (2016-01-17 05:43:12):
" Fantastic!! "
Vicky Fortier de Crafting Vicky ha escrito (2016-01-16 16:35:37):
" I'm really looking forward to improving my listings!!! "
Michelle de olde tyme crafts ha escrito (2016-01-15 17:48:11):
" No results are displaying here...I filled out the top pat & it just stays on the same page & nothing happens after the 'wheel' stops. "
Amy de Morning Star Arts ha escrito (2016-01-19 01:50:15):
" Did you scroll down? All the results are down lower on the page. Also, you have to put in your store name with no spaces. "
Michelle de Olde Tyme Crafts ha escrito (2016-01-19 14:53:30):
" I tried with no spaces in the shop name..I get this now...Search on first 5 pages of my products from shop OldeTymeCrafts

Products count founds: 0

All products count founds: 0
I have 34 listings.. "
Christina de IrishWildAtlanticWay ha escrito (2016-01-15 15:36:38):
" Very helpful. Thank you. "
Cheryl Bullock de Bookami ha escrito (2016-01-15 13:59:13):
" Thanks! "
Yuri de AlfaStamps ha escrito (2016-01-14 19:03:38):
" Perfecto! "
peter de simeonov brothers ha escrito (2016-01-14 18:47:04):
" helpful "
Karen de sewingsilly ha escrito (2016-01-14 14:27:38):
" This is helpful. Thank you. "
Martin de JannersMugs ha escrito (2016-01-14 13:48:55):
" Love the simplicity, it really has given me somethings to consider, ponder and change. "
Carrie Cronkite de CCsSoapinAPouch ha escrito (2016-01-13 06:17:19):
" Very nice site. Very helpful! "
Lee Brown de leebrowncarvings ha escrito (2016-01-11 03:08:59):
" Just signed up and can't get it to work. "
elisa de HookInHandStudio ha escrito (2016-01-11 00:51:39):
" Where do you find the 'suggested keywords" that you make a reference to in one of the replies? thanks "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2016-01-13 14:35:52):
" Uuups.... it looks like they dissapeared... I need to fix it! Thank you for pointing it! "
danielle chmielewski de STONEandGREY ha escrito (2016-01-10 21:30:42):
" just signed up and still learning how it works! "
Mary Sokolowski de Beadstobows ha escrito (2016-01-08 04:14:19):
" I just found your site and tried one search I will be back to look around. I am looking forward to learning all the ins and outs.
Thanks "
Amelia McCall de Robins and Bobbins ha escrito (2016-01-06 20:06:02):
" Need help with so "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2016-01-07 15:03:32):
" Try reading comments - there are many things explained already... But if still have doubts - write what exactly you need help with, and I'll try to answer "
Vicky de GreekSeaGlassJewels ha escrito (2016-01-03 05:39:15):
" It tells me what pages my listings are but for some of them when I click to check they are not there nice gadgetbut wish it was more accurate "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2016-01-03 17:36:01):
" The thing is that Etsy uses few search algorithms at the same time, and even if the results usually do not vary too much, sometimes they are. So while this tool shows you results of one of algorithms, you can see results of another one. You can check it yourself repeating the same search few times in different browsers - you'll see the difference. "