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SALLIE TROUTMAN de Pottery By Saleek ha escrito (2016-06-02 22:55:45):
" If you are on the first so many pages, then you will see results. If not, no results. Choose 20 rather than 5 to see it it works. "
Lawana Brantley de BEFOREANDNOWboutique ha escrito (2016-05-30 16:44:23):
" found in search 1, but I need to redo my tags "
Lawana Brantley de BEFOREANDNOWboutique ha escrito (2016-05-30 16:35:17):
" Working great, on first page, "
Judith Petersen de HighestTideJewelry ha escrito (2016-05-27 22:42:07):
" For the most part I am finding everything that I am putting in! Sometimes it will be a page off! "
Jo de Yonina Jewelry ha escrito (2016-05-27 19:06:34):
" Thank you so much for this great service! "
Elizabeth Erickson de Triple E Crafter Handmade Hats and Goodies ha escrito (2016-05-27 17:40:32):
" Waste of time...does not work. 2 thumbs down. "
pendaries de photographydream ha escrito (2016-05-26 07:17:16):
" it works for me, but multiply by 2 page indicated example :
number 2 => number 4
number 2 => number 16 "
LINDA GONZALEZ de Tucson Tiques Collectibles ha escrito (2016-05-25 16:58:15):
" Thank you for your wonderful product! "
janet de Janet's Vintage Finds ha escrito (2016-05-24 17:36:28):
" No matter what I do, no results appear. Anyone have any tips on how to make this work? "
Olga de TildoniaDolls ha escrito (2016-05-24 08:03:09):
" It's not working at all, trying to get any info last 5 days "
Susan Linthicum de Suzscollectibles ha escrito (2016-05-24 01:48:21):
" When I try to change to ship to united states it changes back to ship to everywhere automatically. It does not pick up my other chandeliers because I do not have ship to everywhere setup only ship to united states.
Can you help me please
Susan "
Inna de innakozachuk ha escrito (2016-05-23 23:51:35):
" Love It! "
ani de speakeasyboutique ha escrito (2016-05-23 22:36:17):
" still don't fully understand how this works ... i'm stumpled as to how to use this tool - a little frustrating "
clemmie de ClemmieV's ha escrito (2016-05-23 21:58:25):
" Not working for me ! "
deb de dgordon ha escrito (2016-05-23 21:53:01):
" didnt work.. I know my ring holders are on page one but it shows nothing :( "
Candy de CandysToyBox ha escrito (2016-05-23 14:46:40):
" Love It! I had to play around a little bit to get it to work..but now that I did I am very pleased. Very useful, helpful information. Thanks so much :) "
Jaipurgembeads de jaipurgemstone ha escrito (2016-05-23 12:31:30):
" " Thanks so much! Great service! " "
Violetta de Clocksi Topsi ha escrito (2016-05-23 06:45:53):
" Not working for me, too :( "
Наталья de kerikfelt ha escrito (2016-05-21 20:46:05):
" Thank you very much. Very convenient service! " "
Ирина de SiberianFeltByIrene ha escrito (2016-05-21 18:12:57):
" Thanks so much! Great service! "