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Shelly de ShellyClayspot ha escrito (2016-09-28 10:26:05):
" Hi the result on the search for rustic coffee mug was position 11 page 2 and I couldn't find it there. "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2016-09-30 10:48:24):
" Detected positions may oscillate a bit. Look on the next and previous pages. The thing is that if you repeat the same search few times on Etsy - the results are not exactly the same - as I already said, they may oscillate a bit "
Larisa de Larawoolstudio ha escrito (2016-09-26 09:02:02):
" Отличная программа, спасибо "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2016-09-25 19:31:35):
" It looks like after recent changes on Etsy, your favorite SEO tool for Etsy stopped working. Now it seems to be fixed. Sorry for inconvenience. "
nadine de merrilyverilyvintage ha escrito (2016-09-25 13:50:20):
" The tag tool is still not working...
Thanks "
gail de shabbycottageadorned ha escrito (2016-09-24 18:58:10):
" I tried all day yesterday and still trying today and the gadget simply sits there. I have tried different browsers also and still not working. I'm having gadget withdrawal. "
Pat ONeill de Cape Cod Sewing Creations ha escrito (2016-09-24 18:44:05):
" Search just keeps looking with no results. :( "
Yulia de teple ha escrito (2016-09-24 08:52:19):
" The system doesnt show keywords yesterday and today. Please do smth this function is very useful. "
Tatiana de viniloFFna ha escrito (2016-09-23 21:20:00):
" The system's not working( "
Lacey Vermeulen de PrettyNPrints ha escrito (2016-09-23 19:39:28):
" Not working, no tags coming up "
nadine de merrilyverilyvintage ha escrito (2016-09-23 13:55:47):
" The tag search hasn't worked for me for 2 days.
Thanks! "
Stefanie de stefanifixcollection ha escrito (2016-09-22 21:48:52):
" It seems be getting stuck when I submit my search. Hope you fix it. This is a great tool! Thanks! "
liron shebs de HappyLiron ha escrito (2016-09-22 15:13:02):
" Your results seems to be wrong. For example I searched "Plush bunny" here and in Etsy. While I see my product in the second page on Etsy, EtsyGadget claimed I have the same item in page 4. "
Sandra Rush de AnEnchantedAtelier ha escrito (2016-09-20 16:01:32):
" The system's not working. Couldn't find any of my items. "
Ruth Bass de folkgarden ha escrito (2016-09-20 10:43:17):
" Thank you.
This is interesting, I shall put it to use & keep you posted "
Linda Gonzalez de Linda Gonzalez ha escrito (2016-09-20 02:55:33):
" Fantastic tool! "
Lila Avgusta de Lila Avgusta ha escrito (2016-09-19 23:06:32):
" Thank you. Everythynk OK "
Iryna de IraArtshop ha escrito (2016-09-19 17:55:55):
" grateful to the opportunity to pick up tags. I hope it will helps me in sales. Thank you! "
Sarah de Hookloopsarah ha escrito (2016-09-08 17:15:13):
" Sorry, but the tool keeps on being inprecise. Please do something, it is so useful otherwise! "
Kateryna de KvitkaShop ha escrito (2016-09-07 17:58:42):
" Nice help for my Shop to create correct description and tags "
Admin de EtsyGadget ha escrito (2016-09-05 20:17:57):
" Hi everyone!

As you could notice the tool wasn't working for few days at the beginning of September - it seems that many of you came back from vacations and started to work hard on yours shops... and you were working so hard that Etsygadget just couldn't stand with it and fell down :P

Because of so much demand there was an issue with a connection's bandwidth. Now everything is solved, so you all may continue working hard on your's shops!

Happy returning from holidays! "