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bob from rightfromtheart wrote (2014-02-16 17:04:24):
" searched our "shop name" and "necklaces" - does nothing, no results whatsoever - not helpful ha! "
Lisaq from LeythianaCreations wrote (2014-02-13 18:48:50):
" Thank you "
Lia from FiestaPartyZone wrote (2014-02-13 15:48:42):
" Thank you!

=) "
Lesley from loveandlulu wrote (2014-02-10 23:21:24):
" Thanks "
Nicky from Annyse wrote (2014-01-18 18:28:13):
" Thank you so much for this great tool! I love it and it has helped me a lot. "
pamela from frecklesoriginals wrote (2014-01-12 16:31:48):
" Well couldn't find anything from my shop at all in any category. So not sure what that means. "
Lisa from TheNestedTurtle wrote (2013-11-01 22:22:42):
" Can you add paper goods as a high level category with cards and stationery as sub categories? "
Stephanie Levine from SouthernBritches wrote (2013-10-20 17:53:11):
" Not helping me much. I sell instant digital downloadable Appliqué Embroidery files. In the category section, when I use your suggestions, the search tells me 0 searches for that category. Applique Embroidery is a different category. I searched Home Decor, simply because, Ornaments was gray and wasn't able to check that for the physical items. So when clicking in Home Decor I had 0 searches available. I tag Children and Home Decor, but I'm more specific when I say home decor, I may say Garden Flags, Fall Wreaths in my actual tags, and I don't see these when choosing Home Decor. Maybe you could add one more suggestions list: Machine Embroidery, Appliqués, Sewing Patterns, etc.
SLevine "
Olga from SexyCrochetByOlga wrote (2013-08-14 14:55:12):
" Great Etsy Gadget! "