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Anbissu from Anbissu wrote (2017-09-06 13:42:27):
" I can't find any of my items in any of your search features. Help "
Anbissu from Anbissu wrote (2017-09-06 12:57:11):
" Hello! Maybe you can help me.
None of my items is showing if I serching by category. Why? "
Minka from thevintageeurope wrote (2017-07-29 16:43:28):
" I thing it is good. "
CONNIE from thefibergoddess wrote (2017-05-19 18:55:22):
" I don't understand why none of my merchandise is showing up in your query. I've been renewing and uploading new products daily. "
rosie from MadebyTheRose wrote (2017-04-18 12:54:27):
" I can't find any of my items in any of your search features. Any help?
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2017-04-25 23:05:20):
" Hi Rosie,

So they are probably not on the first pages of any category "
Stanislav Novkov from Tonena wrote (2017-04-07 12:18:41):
" The results are stunning! More than 10 dresses in category wedding dresses! :) Thanks, guys! "
jennifer potenza from earthlietreasures wrote (2017-03-24 13:02:42):
" I can't find any of my items in any categories... I'm hoping it beacuase this doesn't WORK? "
Michelle from Love Paper Scissors wrote (2017-01-06 22:26:22):
" I do not find anything in greeting cards, or in art and collectibles for my shop. I find it hard to believe I don't have something out there since it takes me forever to make these things! "
Angelina from WowWowWool wrote (2016-11-16 19:54:03):
" Hi, I can't find "Brooches" in category "Jewelry" :( "
Katya from KatyaGlass wrote (2016-11-01 13:21:19):
" It doesn't work
"there are no products of "KatyaGlass" in category..." "
Admin from Admin wrote (2016-11-03 16:11:45):
" It works.
They are not any product of "KatyaGlass" on first 20 pages in category.
Sorry. "
Elsa Pakopoulou from Ikonolexi wrote (2016-10-05 16:41:29):
" I really don't understand why my items 299 of them can not be found in any category. Perhaos, I don't do something correct in the gadjet? "
SHARIPOVAART from sharipovaart wrote (2016-10-05 09:11:15):
" Nothing... "
Iryna from IraArtshop wrote (2016-09-19 21:47:20):
" nothing found in my shop, I am very sad "
Cecile from frenchiestiles wrote (2016-08-29 04:04:00):
" I am finding nothing for my shop in any of the search pages. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-05 18:54:25):
" There was an issue. Everything should be working fine now "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-08-22 23:14:03):
" Category search have had some issues ultimately. Now it looks fixed, so you may continue using it as before. If you see any issues, please write comments.

Thank you. "
Anzhela from AngelClayDesign wrote (2016-07-27 15:07:58):
" nothing found in my shop (((( "
Rosee Hanemaayer from Silver Penny Artisans wrote (2016-07-04 02:49:18):
" I must be doing something terribly wrong to have no products listed. Please help me! "
Karynlee Berstecher from SoulfulStuff wrote (2016-03-28 21:51:22):
" Thanks---but how can NOTHING be showing? Am I doing something incorrectly? "
Ganna from AnmaluStory wrote (2016-03-23 17:54:13):
" Thanks))) "
Lubova Drukteine from www.etsy.com/shop/BalticSummer wrote (2016-03-21 13:25:00):
" How to find my jewelry to Etsy? "