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Vlad from WoodYouLikeIt1 wrote (2016-08-30 14:20:10):
" Not working "
Popa Catalina from RoyalKittyJewelry wrote (2016-08-29 22:13:36):
" Hi!
The search is very useful. Thank you for creating it!
But, today, it takes very long time to get results and it doesn't display the suggestions :(
Hope you can fix it.

Have a beautiful day!
Kate "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-05 19:57:57):
" Thanks for reporting. It was temporary bandwidth issue - now it is solved "
nikkimcl from nikkimcl wrote (2016-08-29 16:09:16):
" Hi there, I've been trying to use search for the past few days and have noticed that it is taking about 4 minutes to get any results. Is there any way you can speed it up? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-05 19:54:12):
" This was a temporary issue, and it is fixed now. Sorry for inconvenience "
Sandy from cheeriostudio wrote (2016-08-28 18:55:17):
" What a fantastic resource this site is! Thanks for the tremendous help!
The "Best tags for search" More button does not drop down with more suggestions for me. I tried IE and Firefox.
Thanks! "
katlyn Moorhouse from Olivia's Sweet Lullaby wrote (2016-08-28 17:08:59):
" Tags aren't working again. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-08-23 00:39:26):
" Hi guys!!
Didn't know the search was failing - I have just fixed some issues, so you may continue searching better tags to improve SEO of your shops. Anyway if you see that something is failing - please, write in comments - and I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.

Thanks! "
Deanna Jackson from MidMoonLadyDesigns wrote (2016-08-19 14:54:32):
" WOW! NOT GOOD! Thank you. "
Elena from LuckyElenaShop wrote (2016-08-19 12:50:43):
" Thank you so much !!! "
Stela Koleva from MoodStory wrote (2016-08-17 16:41:55):
" Thank you "
María from cocoonbracalets wrote (2016-08-17 10:58:05):
" Thanks "
Oksana from embroiderystudioONA wrote (2016-08-13 07:25:04):
" Very useful. Thank you for your work "
Renata from RenkaDolls wrote (2016-08-12 21:18:39):
" thx for tags suggestions "
Melissa from Weebiecuties wrote (2016-08-11 21:02:56):
" Thanks! "
nurit levak from nuritdesignjewelry wrote (2016-08-11 18:31:44):
" Thank you . "
cat from vintagebeachmaps wrote (2016-08-11 18:30:01):
" Are these search results from the Etsy app? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-08-15 16:39:11):
" No, they are from Etsy website "
Lea Passi Even from LikaMia wrote (2016-08-10 09:56:49):
" Hi,
In this search I got Zero. When I search directly in etsy I get a few subcategories and 1 of them is 941 listings and is called backpacks, there my product is in the 1st page "
Ellen Sosbe from AdornmentsBeads wrote (2016-08-09 16:33:41):
" You have misspelled SURE. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-08-15 16:38:29):
" Thank you - fixed "
Danialy from So Pretty Baby wrote (2016-08-06 22:59:14):
" Great help! "
Lisa Brockway from ArtShopGifts wrote (2016-08-05 17:37:06):
" This is a wonderful tool. Amazing. Thank you so much for providing it. You're the best!! "
Yuneya from JenoviyaArt wrote (2016-08-05 16:02:04):
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