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Evelyn Thomas from VeonixMineraux wrote (2016-11-10 23:58:12):
" Hi "
Lubova Drukteine from BalticSummer wrote (2016-11-10 20:47:13):
" Thank you so much! "
Sveta from SimplyLifeHandmade wrote (2016-11-10 07:36:50):
" Is this gadget stopped working? I have much more products on the first 10 pages (5-6=, but here shown the only 1! What`s wrong? "
nadine from merrilyverilyvintage wrote (2016-11-06 02:58:30):
" When I click "More" under tags it doesn't show more tags..nothing happens "
Admin from Admin wrote (2016-11-07 08:58:30):
" Try it in other browser. "
Catherine Green from Carrieatkisson wrote (2016-11-05 00:38:51):
" This is so great. I was having to run searches to find my rank. I can hardly wait to try some more of your features "
LadyDryad from Lady Dryad wrote (2016-11-02 15:48:04):
" Not perfectly accurate currently, but I've never had problems with it in the past. "
cheryl wagner from makemesmilejewelry wrote (2016-10-30 09:33:57):
" when will you be up and running again? not everything is quite accurate. "
Deborah Hall from QuiltQuirksEtc wrote (2016-10-30 02:29:07):
" Love this web site. I went back and put in some different tags. "
Deborah Hall from QuiltQuirksEtc wrote (2016-10-29 02:22:44):
" I am excited about this site as I upload new listings to my shop. Just getting started. "
nikkimcl from nikkimcl wrote (2016-10-25 20:16:38):
" I too am having problems with this tool. I have it set on 20 pages. I searched for purple amethyst earrings and it said I had 0 listings for the first 20 pages. In checking on Etsy I found 6 listings in the first 12 pages. This has been going on for a long time (at least 1 month)Can you fix it? "
cat from vintagebeachmaps wrote (2016-10-25 15:48:49):
" My results aren't maatching Etsy either, most all searches have 0 results. "
Barb from papertreasuresshoppe wrote (2016-10-24 21:10:30):
" I put in "let it snow card" and the results were 0. Had it set at 20 pages. There were 24 pages so I checked the last 4 and my card not there so went page by page and it was on page 10. How does this happen? I use this site all the time and appreciate the time saver it is but this makes me wonder at my other searches. "
Sara Vielhaber from HookAndCable wrote (2016-10-24 14:40:08):
" I don't know if it's because of Etsy's connectivity issues this past week/end, but I know people are finding me in search and this doesn't show me at all (using the same keywords they're searching, I can find me just by browsing myself). Is this a bug? "
Deb from debbiedrawsfunny wrote (2016-10-20 18:13:33):
" Usually the results here are completely in line with Etsy, but I've been getting inconsistent results on etsygadget for the last 24 hours. Listings that are showing up on page 1 & 2 on Etsy won't show up for the first ten pages. I gave it several hours to reset figuring me editing my tags was affecting the results here, but it's still not consistent.
Just wanted to let someone know, is all! "
Julie from vintageinspiration wrote (2016-10-19 17:52:11):
" Love the info this is giving me to make positive changes to my listings. "
P Dubbeldam from Pinetjes wrote (2016-10-19 12:12:25):
" Results of the tool don't match with results on Etsy. Is this because I search in Dutch? "
Julie from vintageinspiration wrote (2016-10-18 18:06:40):
" good to know about these results. "
Lily from GridRideResume wrote (2016-10-18 17:34:59):
" Thanks for this amazing tool, but it always stops after reaching the first listed item, it would be a great tool if you can fix it. By the way thanks for the tool. "
Bianca from BsCozyCottageCrafts wrote (2016-10-17 04:29:34):
" It's not working - searched for my new listing but it did not shop up, 0 results found - I found it first page, first listing after ads
Amy Hnatko from ASHnatkoDesigns wrote (2016-10-13 09:56:53):
" Sorry to add that this wonderful tool you have given us isn't working. It is asking a lot, but it would be so wonderful if you would be able to fix it. "