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Maureen Benun from VintageFlairUSA wrote (2016-10-06 02:54:24):
" Interesting info...not sure how to best use but will study the comments. Thanks "
nikkimcl from nikkimcl wrote (2016-10-05 13:59:25):
" I appears that your search is not working correctly. I searched for pink drop earrings ( 20 pages) and gadget picked up only one of my earrings on page 1 but in checking etsy I had one on each page till page 8. This is not the only time it has missed many of my listings. Can you check it please? "
Admin from Admin wrote (2016-10-09 23:13:41):
" Hi.

I just have checked your search phrase on 10 pages and have founded 9 items.
So my advice when you are in doubts repeat the search.

Best regards. "
Barbara Swinton from touchofsilver wrote (2016-10-02 17:54:05):
" Last night was checking SEO and found that etsy gadget turned up zero for a particular keyword, when in fact, after checking on Etsy there were listings on pgs 4,5,6,7,7 for one keyword. Another etsy gadget query also said zero when, after checking, there were listings on pg 5 and 9 of Etsy search. Will this be rectified soon? Such a great tool when you have to research the value of your keywords. Help...need to do research for a class! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-10-04 15:30:02):
" Thank you for reporting ... need to investigate the issue... maybe local search priority introduced recently to Etsy's search is the problem. "
Sara from jaffic wrote (2016-09-30 23:14:37):
" Hey! Love this tool, thanks for creating it. Are the search results for Etsy in the US? We're trying to see where our listings show up now that shop local has been implemented, as we're based in Germany. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-10-04 15:28:36):
" Glad to hear you like it.

hmmm... interesting question... I completely forgot that Etsy switched to local shops priority...

Need to think about it... thank you... "
Lauren from Tre Sun Designs wrote (2016-09-30 21:10:48):
" I received incorrect results when searching for one of my items. I was looking for my pair of earrings under Recycled Jewelry and Etsy Gadget could not find my item in the first 20 pages of Etsy however I found my item on page 6 of Etsy. How is this explained? "
ashlee from createdbymammy wrote (2016-09-30 19:19:27):
" I don't know what I am doing wrong; but I searched for flamingo quilt and the results said 0 for my item on first 20 pages. But when I checked the results on etsy it was page 2 position 46. please help me understand. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-10-04 15:25:28):
" You may try to repeat the search - repeating the same search few time may give slightly different results. Usaully some listings just moves around, but in some cases they may even disappear. (if you clear cookies the results may vary a bit more) "
Shelly from ShellyClayspot wrote (2016-09-28 10:26:05):
" Hi the result on the search for rustic coffee mug was position 11 page 2 and I couldn't find it there. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-30 10:48:24):
" Detected positions may oscillate a bit. Look on the next and previous pages. The thing is that if you repeat the same search few times on Etsy - the results are not exactly the same - as I already said, they may oscillate a bit "
Larisa from Larawoolstudio wrote (2016-09-26 09:02:02):
" Отличная программа, спасибо "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-25 19:31:35):
" It looks like after recent changes on Etsy, your favorite SEO tool for Etsy stopped working. Now it seems to be fixed. Sorry for inconvenience. "
nadine from merrilyverilyvintage wrote (2016-09-25 13:50:20):
" The tag tool is still not working...
Thanks "
gail from shabbycottageadorned wrote (2016-09-24 18:58:10):
" I tried all day yesterday and still trying today and the gadget simply sits there. I have tried different browsers also and still not working. I'm having gadget withdrawal. "
Pat ONeill from Cape Cod Sewing Creations wrote (2016-09-24 18:44:05):
" Search just keeps looking with no results. :( "
Yulia from teple wrote (2016-09-24 08:52:19):
" The system doesnt show keywords yesterday and today. Please do smth this function is very useful. "
Tatiana from viniloFFna wrote (2016-09-23 21:20:00):
" The system's not working( "
Lacey Vermeulen from PrettyNPrints wrote (2016-09-23 19:39:28):
" Not working, no tags coming up "
nadine from merrilyverilyvintage wrote (2016-09-23 13:55:47):
" The tag search hasn't worked for me for 2 days.
Thanks! "
Stefanie from stefanifixcollection wrote (2016-09-22 21:48:52):
" It seems be getting stuck when I submit my search. Hope you fix it. This is a great tool! Thanks! "
liron shebs from HappyLiron wrote (2016-09-22 15:13:02):
" Your results seems to be wrong. For example I searched "Plush bunny" here and in Etsy. While I see my product in the second page on Etsy, EtsyGadget claimed I have the same item in page 4. "
Sandra Rush from AnEnchantedAtelier wrote (2016-09-20 16:01:32):
" The system's not working. Couldn't find any of my items. "
Ruth Bass from folkgarden wrote (2016-09-20 10:43:17):
" Thank you.
This is interesting, I shall put it to use & keep you posted "