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Ruth Bass from folkgarden wrote (2016-09-20 10:43:17):
" Thank you.
This is interesting, I shall put it to use & keep you posted "
Linda Gonzalez from Linda Gonzalez wrote (2016-09-20 02:55:33):
" Fantastic tool! "
Lila Avgusta from Lila Avgusta wrote (2016-09-19 23:06:32):
" Thank you. Everythynk OK "
Iryna from IraArtshop wrote (2016-09-19 17:55:55):
" grateful to the opportunity to pick up tags. I hope it will helps me in sales. Thank you! "
Sarah from Hookloopsarah wrote (2016-09-08 17:15:13):
" Sorry, but the tool keeps on being inprecise. Please do something, it is so useful otherwise! "
Kateryna from KvitkaShop wrote (2016-09-07 17:58:42):
" Nice help for my Shop to create correct description and tags "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-05 20:17:57):
" Hi everyone!

As you could notice the tool wasn't working for few days at the beginning of September - it seems that many of you came back from vacations and started to work hard on yours shops... and you were working so hard that Etsygadget just couldn't stand with it and fell down :P

Because of so much demand there was an issue with a connection's bandwidth. Now everything is solved, so you all may continue working hard on your's shops!

Happy returning from holidays! "
Tetiana from TanchasGarden wrote (2016-09-03 06:02:53):
" Thank you so much ! "
Barbara Swinton from touchofsilver wrote (2016-09-03 03:49:35):
" Earlier, this function wasn't working for me. The results wouldn't load. It is working fine now, but taking about 3-5 minutes to load results. Love to get results now:) "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-05 20:01:09):
" Yeah, there was some issues with server's bandwidth, and they were solved just when you saw it :)
Thank you for letting me know! "
Michael Jon Watt from Transit Design wrote (2016-09-02 21:45:22):
" Search and Search Ranking is not working today. I've tried it on several browsers. Ugh. "
Rebecca Symonds from Rebecca's Room wrote (2016-09-02 20:56:04):
" Hi, I just get an error message that the page didn't send any data. Thanks for your help! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-05 20:04:54):
" Thanks for reporting. It was temporary bandwidth issue - now it is solved "
Barbara Swinton from touchofsilver wrote (2016-09-02 18:26:34):
" Searched for 'hammered earrings' and got nothing. Actual search on Etsy found 7 listings from pg 1-20. Am I doing something wrong here? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-05 20:06:06):
" Probably you were doing everything well, but there was temporary bandwidth issue and the tool was not working well - now the problem is solved. "
Mary Toland from purseonalitybymary wrote (2016-09-02 16:47:09):
" The search is off. I was searching for my newly listed wallet. It put me on page 11 position 23 when actually it was on page 9, in the 8th position below the second set of ads. I love Etsy Gadget. It's a fast way to find your items on the if they're not on the first few pages. I have seen this in the past as well. I just thought you might want to know. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-05 20:06:55):
" Thanks for reporting. It was temporary bandwidth issue - now it is solved. "
ser_jio from FiligranbySergii wrote (2016-09-01 19:57:50):
" thank you "
Rae from RaeandLiz wrote (2016-08-31 23:17:40):
" Hi! I LOVE your program and have not had any issues with it myself before, but today I'm having trouble pulling the suggested tags instead of just the listings/positions. Not sure if I'm the only one! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-05 20:08:08):
" Thank you for letting me know about the problem. It was temporary bandwidth issue - now it is completely solved. "
Jane Leech from FlutterbyRed wrote (2016-08-31 14:54:30):
" Hi, Etsy Gadget doesn't seem to work at the mo, it tells me no items found and yet there my item is on the first page of search for that term. Happened for several different search terms now.
Jane. "
Ahmad Najmuddin from Mudeandean wrote (2016-08-31 09:58:27):
" " Hi guys!!
Didn't know the search was failing - I have just fixed some issues, so you may continue searching better tags to improve SEO of your shops. Anyway if you see that something is failing - please, write in comments - and I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.

Thanks! " "
Pat from essencebay wrote (2016-08-31 01:24:45):
" search is taking a very long time was not like this a week ago
cheryl wagner from makemesmilejewelry wrote (2016-08-31 00:54:29):
" trying to use the search today. it's not working for me. "
Lisa from The Card Kiosk wrote (2016-08-30 17:43:05):
" I've noticed the search feature hasn't been working for a few days. When it is, it is incredibly slow. Just wanted you to know. Thank you! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-05 19:59:32):
" Thank you for letting me know about it - there was some bandwidth-related issues, now they are solved. "