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Diane from BorgmannsCreations wrote (2013-07-20 19:52:56):
" Great help thank you
Some tag changes do not show up. "
Kari from kari1121 wrote (2013-07-20 11:49:10):
" Just a quick grammatical error for you to fix: Just above it says "Leave you comment"...should say "your". Site is interesting though, thank you! "
ADMIN from wrote (2013-07-20 10:17:50):
" Pilar Garcia, tendrás que revisar los tags de tus productos. He notado que solo usas los tags de una sola palabra - tienes que cambiarlo. Conseguir que te encuentren por las búsquedas de una sola palabra como "Collar" o "Pendientes" es prácticamente imposible ya que en estas búsquedas en primeras páginas prácticamente solo están los productos que pagan por "actualización" cada una o dos horas y así se destacan. Pero puedes conseguir posicionarte bien en las búsquedas con dos o tres palabras tipo "Collar rojo", o "pendientes de plata" o lo que sea. Inténtalo, mira los tags recomendados para tus búsquedas y cuenta luego el resultado :) "
Fran LeRoy from AprilSnowJewelry wrote (2013-07-20 10:16:12):
" very helpful! "
ADMIN from wrote (2013-07-20 10:09:14):
" Renee Edinger, all data is actualized from Etsy online. Etsy has some delay to update your changes, so try to make search on Etsy and you'll see an old title there too. "
Kerry from seasonsoflovebtq wrote (2013-07-19 17:22:50):
" I LOVE this tool! It is very helpful. "
pilar garcia from pilarmoon wrote (2013-07-19 16:04:45):
" No sale mi tienda en las 20 paginas de la busqueda.
Que me recomiendas?
Pilar "
Annie from itsallaboutkidz wrote (2013-07-17 15:35:44):
" This is great, thank you so much. "
Faith from FaithAnnOriginals wrote (2013-07-17 12:37:27):
" Thanks so much! "
Molly from ColdPressCreations / DigitalPressCreation wrote (2013-07-17 01:31:52):
" This tool is amazing and you are so wonderful for making it and releasing it to the public!
I second Renee's question about titles. I have actually noticed that changes to images also dont show up. "
Nicky from Annyse wrote (2013-07-16 22:20:09):
" Fab tool!Thank you!! "
lorna from balelaceramics wrote (2013-07-16 20:22:21):
" very interesting!
thank you so much "
LaFiabarussa from lafiabarussa wrote (2013-07-16 18:51:19):
" very nice!
many thanks "
Renee Edinger from reneesretro wrote (2013-07-16 15:52:13):
" Thanks so much for your shop tool! I have noticed that if I also tweak the title, the old title shows up even if the ranking changes. So does tweaking the title make a difference with your shop tool? "
Martha from Thistleroseweaving wrote (2013-07-16 14:58:18):
" Very helpful, thank you "
Olga from SexyCrochetByOlga wrote (2013-07-16 14:36:36):
" Love this gadget for my etsy shop.

Olga from SexyCrochetByOlga wrote (2013-07-16 13:55:32):
" Thank you very much! Great tool!

Good luck! "