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Cynthia from LoveTimes3 wrote (2013-08-04 20:03:31):
" Thank you for the tags to let me know where I am. "
joann rutkowski from fancyschmancyjewels wrote (2013-08-02 23:51:45):
" wow this is fabulous. can't wait to go change some or probably most of my listings.... This is great... "
Nadia from crafts2love wrote (2013-07-31 23:21:12):
" Great tool! Thanks a lot! "
Elizabeth from PepperLaneExclusives wrote (2013-07-31 10:09:58):
" Brilliant tool, so helpful to see them all lined up like this. Saved me hours "
Ganev O'Grady from ReTainReMakeReNew wrote (2013-07-30 15:04:13):
" Cool tool - very useful - thanks "
Melinda Cummings from Squirrelsnestfineart wrote (2013-07-29 03:50:04):
" What a perfect tool for anyone who needs assistance utilizing all 13 tags! (And who doesn't!) "
Kate from OurBoudoir wrote (2013-07-29 02:03:02):
" what a wonderful tool! Now how to become more relevant?! "
Leesa from waalaa wrote (2013-07-29 00:47:50):
" What a great tool! So quick & easy to use - love it!
Alicia from boylerpf wrote (2013-07-29 00:31:57):
" Well done & so easy to use! Thank you!! "
Dennis W. from MrSoDear2MyHeart wrote (2013-07-28 23:02:38):
" This is fantastic. I call it "Tags Demystified". "
Trish G. Repay from blackcrowcurios wrote (2013-07-28 20:21:32):
" I really appreciate the ease of use of etsygadget! thank you!!! "
Denise Davison from hanovermerrymakers wrote (2013-07-28 15:39:26):
" this is great and such a help with my tags, which I struggle with "
Janette from AmericanDollClothes wrote (2013-07-27 20:08:11):
" Thank yo so much! I'm so glad I found you, you have helped me so much. What a wonderful tool!! Thank you. "
Robyn from DreamsOfMay wrote (2013-07-24 13:00:40):
" Very cool!
Thank you so much for developing it! "
pilar from pilarmoon wrote (2013-07-23 16:16:12):
" muchas gracias!!
Me pondre a ello.
Saludos. "
Tetiana from Otruta wrote (2013-07-21 22:40:04):
" Thank you so much!
Great idea and very helpful tool! :) "
suzanne mullett from onthewallusa wrote (2013-07-21 13:42:44):
" love this tool.!!! "
Diane from BorgmannsCreations wrote (2013-07-20 21:52:56):
" Great help thank you
Some tag changes do not show up. "
Kari from kari1121 wrote (2013-07-20 13:49:10):
" Just a quick grammatical error for you to fix: Just above it says "Leave you comment"...should say "your". Site is interesting though, thank you! "
ADMIN from wrote (2013-07-20 12:17:50):
" Pilar Garcia, tendrás que revisar los tags de tus productos. He notado que solo usas los tags de una sola palabra - tienes que cambiarlo. Conseguir que te encuentren por las búsquedas de una sola palabra como "Collar" o "Pendientes" es prácticamente imposible ya que en estas búsquedas en primeras páginas prácticamente solo están los productos que pagan por "actualización" cada una o dos horas y así se destacan. Pero puedes conseguir posicionarte bien en las búsquedas con dos o tres palabras tipo "Collar rojo", o "pendientes de plata" o lo que sea. Inténtalo, mira los tags recomendados para tus búsquedas y cuenta luego el resultado :) "