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Dawn from catsbeadkitsandmore wrote (2014-02-18 01:13:30):
" Very interesting tool and results. Finally figured out to scroll down the page for results! Shows a lot of info, Thanks!! "
FabulousCat from FabulousCatpapers wrote (2014-02-16 18:53:41):
" I find it very very useful!!!
It helped me to find out if my tag changes have impact.
Thank you very much!
I will continue to use it. I also think that the accuracy is not so important, because the postings of listings are continuous at Etsy and I find reasonable to change the order all the time.
:-) Thank you! "
Robyn from Drakestail Jewellery wrote (2014-02-14 15:52:09):
" I didn't receive any search results. :( "
Katerina from Klaptik wrote (2014-02-12 10:07:55):
" Thanks for the wonderful information! "
Donna from LeviLady Ceramics wrote (2014-02-11 22:35:48):
" Didn't get any response "
Debbie from Color Garden Jewelry wrote (2014-02-11 17:14:13):
" I didn't receive a response. "
Julian Lovegrove from julian lovegrove art wrote (2014-02-09 10:55:39):
" I couldn't see any results! Q Des that mean my search words are useless?
Julian "
Jennifer from pocketwatchemporium wrote (2014-02-08 16:07:36):
" Just does not seem to work anymore for my shop. "
Malina from JustDangles wrote (2014-02-06 20:18:54):
" Not exactly accurate when determining what pages to find your items on, but it's a very useful tool for figuring out relevant keywords. So much better, quicker and easier than Adwords. "
zeljka from Aella Jewelry wrote (2014-02-03 00:44:29):
" Unfortunately this is not accurate. Everything has to be checked on Etsy, because very often different results. "
antoinette from DigitalSugar wrote (2014-02-02 19:16:57):
" This is not accurate. Says I have something on page 8, but I immediately searched for it on Etsy and it shows up as page 10. "
Maryanne from FenderMinerals wrote (2014-02-01 18:26:39):
" Tried this about a week ago, implemented some changes and had nice results. Thank you "
Dana C Smith from swagbagsplus wrote (2014-02-01 15:07:17):
" Thanks for the valuable, time saving tool! "
Wong Ing San from TropicalGarden wrote (2014-01-31 07:47:33):
" Thanks for the wonderful information! So much to learn and go for it! "
June from ThresholdPaperArt wrote (2014-01-30 23:24:07):
" I couldn't believe my shop had 0 in this category. I checked in Etsy and found I have 7 items here. "
Tammy Rogers from etsy.com/shop/sonshineart wrote (2014-01-29 19:45:56):
" Not sure what I need to do? Very new at this. Getting nothing. Help! "
Barbara Ann from Barbara Anns Creations wrote (2014-01-28 01:32:09):
" Not getting anything...What am I not doing right "
Pat from thisimadeforyou wrote (2014-01-28 01:01:09):
" Search shows no results. Just wonder what I need to do to fix this. "
Cher from DesignsbyCher wrote (2014-01-27 18:53:07):
" Very cool, it worked great on my first try! Thanks... must bookmark "
Susan from McKenzieCreekJewelry wrote (2014-01-22 01:33:53):
" Search shows no results but when I check the results on Etsy my items are often on the very first page.
Thanks for trying, but there must still be some bugs in the system. :)