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Blenda Risteen from The Orange Chair Studio wrote (2014-02-20 15:08:40):
" Many people are writing negative comments because they aren't seeing any results. It might be helpful to explain to users that they need to type in their shop name without spaces. I have been using this product for months with VERY accurate results EVERY time - THANK YOU for such a helpful tool! "
Kristin from AYearLater wrote (2014-02-18 16:53:46):
" Very useful tool, my admires! But you have some serious bugs. Showing an item wich is not there, or not showing an item which is somewhere there.. "
Dawn from catsbeadkitsandmore wrote (2014-02-18 02:13:30):
" Very interesting tool and results. Finally figured out to scroll down the page for results! Shows a lot of info, Thanks!! "
FabulousCat from FabulousCatpapers wrote (2014-02-16 19:53:41):
" I find it very very useful!!!
It helped me to find out if my tag changes have impact.
Thank you very much!
I will continue to use it. I also think that the accuracy is not so important, because the postings of listings are continuous at Etsy and I find reasonable to change the order all the time.
:-) Thank you! "
Robyn from Drakestail Jewellery wrote (2014-02-14 16:52:09):
" I didn't receive any search results. :( "
Katerina from Klaptik wrote (2014-02-12 11:07:55):
" Thanks for the wonderful information! "
Donna from LeviLady Ceramics wrote (2014-02-11 23:35:48):
" Didn't get any response "
Debbie from Color Garden Jewelry wrote (2014-02-11 18:14:13):
" I didn't receive a response. "
Julian Lovegrove from julian lovegrove art wrote (2014-02-09 11:55:39):
" I couldn't see any results! Q Des that mean my search words are useless?
Julian "
Jennifer from pocketwatchemporium wrote (2014-02-08 17:07:36):
" Just does not seem to work anymore for my shop. "
Malina from JustDangles wrote (2014-02-06 21:18:54):
" Not exactly accurate when determining what pages to find your items on, but it's a very useful tool for figuring out relevant keywords. So much better, quicker and easier than Adwords. "
zeljka from Aella Jewelry wrote (2014-02-03 01:44:29):
" Unfortunately this is not accurate. Everything has to be checked on Etsy, because very often different results. "
antoinette from DigitalSugar wrote (2014-02-02 20:16:57):
" This is not accurate. Says I have something on page 8, but I immediately searched for it on Etsy and it shows up as page 10. "
Maryanne from FenderMinerals wrote (2014-02-01 19:26:39):
" Tried this about a week ago, implemented some changes and had nice results. Thank you "
Dana C Smith from swagbagsplus wrote (2014-02-01 16:07:17):
" Thanks for the valuable, time saving tool! "
Wong Ing San from TropicalGarden wrote (2014-01-31 08:47:33):
" Thanks for the wonderful information! So much to learn and go for it! "
June from ThresholdPaperArt wrote (2014-01-31 00:24:07):
" I couldn't believe my shop had 0 in this category. I checked in Etsy and found I have 7 items here. "
Tammy Rogers from etsy.com/shop/sonshineart wrote (2014-01-29 20:45:56):
" Not sure what I need to do? Very new at this. Getting nothing. Help! "
Barbara Ann from Barbara Anns Creations wrote (2014-01-28 02:32:09):
" Not getting anything...What am I not doing right "
Pat from thisimadeforyou wrote (2014-01-28 02:01:09):
" Search shows no results. Just wonder what I need to do to fix this. "