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Melina from twinkle twinkle babies wrote (2015-03-31 07:20:23):
" doesn't appear to do anything... "
Melina from Twinkle Twinkle Babies wrote (2015-03-31 07:16:16):
" Thanks :) "
Trudy from CountryClutterHome wrote (2015-05-21 14:17:22):
" I found this site very helpful! I will continue to use this tool as I add new listings as well as I fine tune existing ones. Thanks a bunch, great site!! "
Tracey from Martha & Boo wrote (2015-03-30 23:26:18):
" thank you "
rachel from TheGoldenType wrote (2015-03-30 22:47:57):
" Thanks for the help "
barbara from MargritliDesign wrote (2015-03-28 17:02:01):
" Lokking for best tags "
Nicole from Geneva's Sky wrote (2015-03-24 16:15:12):
" Looking for best tags "
L.Lines from AmberlillysHandmade wrote (2015-03-24 11:04:47):
" I am a bit confused, as I did a search and it never came up where you said? If I go to the link you give for where it is, then it is there, but an independent search, even narrowing it under catergory, still doesn't turn up where you say, which is a shame.Its a couple of pages further down the search. I searched for Pink Earrings uk, you say page 1. Not there. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-03-24 00:28:34):
" @MarthaLyttonVanTrees - Well SEO generally is just a set of RECOMMENDATIONS... after all everybody knows that etsy's search engine is pretty bad. We just try to do our best to get closer to what we consider Etsy's search algorithm is. "
Martha Lytton Van Trees from UrbanJule wrote (2015-03-21 10:18:09):
" Personally, this just tells me that SEO is a crock. I use the recommended tags and I don't show up on the first 20 pages of each search?? That just makes me want to cry. "
Tammy from TreasureRelocators wrote (2015-03-20 16:09:34):
" Thank you! Love this tool! "
Sharon from MakingSomethingHappy wrote (2015-03-20 13:31:22):
" Thank you for developing an incredible tool! As a new shop owner, I have been unable to find helpful Etsy documentation and tools to assist with SEO and Relevancy for Sellers. I really needed something like this that pinpointed my listing flaws. Fortunately (for me at least) and Etsy Forum user listed this URL!
Elise from designsbynoa.etsy.com wrote (2015-03-20 06:21:00):
" How do I find the number of total views for the search word I'm looking for? "
creamcarol from CREAMCAROLL wrote (2015-03-18 14:05:08):
very userful app! "
dan from bourgeoisglass wrote (2015-03-17 12:42:36):
" To all people complaining that they are find objects on etsy search but not here: if you search on etsy, you are more likely to find your own items because etsy optimizes the search for things you are likely to be interested in. That's why this search tool is useful, it lets you know what the average person searching will actually find. Otherwise it would be pointless to use this. "
Schelesia Mangus from UniqueBeadedGifts wrote (2015-03-08 15:36:23):
" Thank you for giving us such wonderful information. I look forward to learning more and more. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-02-28 15:32:03):
" Thank you Sue Freer, happy you love it ! "
Sue Freer from SuesUpcyclednVintage wrote (2015-02-28 00:02:52):
" Love this tool. Very quick and very helpful to see how my listings rate. Will be advertising in my teams. "
cool Lam from LegoWedding wrote (2015-02-26 08:09:24):
" I set up my shop last week and post some lego man boutonnieres on etsy. The listings were able to be searched and found last week but suddenly this week cannot be found.
I have tried searching by tag names or title, and even my shop name "LegoWedding" but nothing come up! I checked my listings, they are active and normal. I don't know what is happening. Hope you can help me. "
Ирина from Gizelhats wrote (2015-02-24 18:41:14):
" Спасибо! "
Ирина from Gizelhats wrote (2015-02-24 18:38:57):
" Искать товар "