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Elly from Http:// www.uniquesewingboutique.etsy.com wrote (2015-06-09 22:52:56):
" Very helpful "
Lea Passi Even from LikaMia wrote (2015-06-09 11:32:42):
" Very helpful, thx "
zohar from ElkayamArt wrote (2015-06-08 20:25:42):
Handmade jewish art

.. "
LarkRoadRhymes from LarkRoadRhymes wrote (2015-06-07 13:23:05):
" Hi! This is a great tool. I think it is helping me get found better in search because I can tweak my tags. It would be helpful if the most popular tags for a search was displayed even if you do not have an item showing in the first 20 pages of a search. "
kr from handmadetoorderkl wrote (2015-06-07 02:43:54):
" k "
Lynne from bohemiantrading wrote (2015-06-06 01:23:06):
" It would really help the vintage sellers if you could have a specific filter to separate handmade from vintage. Thank you. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-06-06 16:50:07):
" Hi Lynne ! Good new ! Now you have this option. Thank you for the suggestion. "
Linda Thompson from BrightBoldArt wrote (2015-06-03 14:04:41):
" This site is very helpful. Thank you! "
Kim depenbrok from kimkdep wrote (2015-06-03 03:36:32):
" I have a listing setup with the same key words and headings as your program suggests but I'm not on the first 20 pages.there is a lot of competition. what else can I do to move up in the listings? I have over 1000 sales and reviews what else? "
Linda Thompson from BrightBoldArt wrote (2015-06-03 14:08:27):
" Hi Kim, I see that your titles are fairly good. Now match your keywords exactly to the phrases in your titles and you will move up in relevancy! You are welcome to look at my shop for an example.

Linda "
иван from CasaCova wrote (2015-05-31 18:40:59):
" Спасибо, очень помогает в работе! "
Lohs from lohsart wrote (2015-05-31 02:49:43):
" Thank you for your service. Just spent a short time here and learned some things already< "
Alena from AlenaStavtseva wrote (2015-05-29 17:33:32):
" Search yielded no results. Checked on Etsy. My work is successfully placed on the first pages of the search. And the system didn't find anything. Neither one of my work... something is broken? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-05-29 21:04:29):
" Hi Alena,

Thank you for reporting - I have fixed an issue.
Hope the tool will be useful for you.

P.S.: If you see other problems, please, let me know - Etsy is changing constantly something and sometimes it produces errors in my tools. "
Lauren from LPbyLP wrote (2015-05-27 23:17:32):
" the "All products count found" keeps saying zero for terms I know there are thousands of products for.... "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-05-29 21:07:52):
" It only shows the amount of YOUR products found by the introduced search phrase "
Carrie Fossum Dix from TeamColorsByCarrie wrote (2015-05-27 19:23:45):
" I've been manually compiling some search findings, and this tool came up with the same results. I would love to be able to run multiple key words, and download results to Excel for analysis. "
Cheryl Nyman from Cherished By Cheryl wrote (2015-05-27 17:42:04):
" Is this thing working? Today is the 5th day I have tried and nothing. All I get is please be patient! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-05-29 21:09:19):
" because of some new changes on Etsy the tool could be failing these days. Now it is fixed. "
ashley from sunshine decor wrote (2015-05-27 11:23:14):
" i hear a lot about this but its not working for me. its a shame its probably useful but i typed in salon decor and nothing came up. i dont get it. "
Aunt Mayme from auntmaymesattic wrote (2015-05-23 13:51:13):
" Did a search for "coin purse" and it shows nothing. Although there are two coin purses on my first page and "coin purse" is in the title. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-05-24 12:37:34):
" This tool works as if you would search as not registered visitor, because for registered users search gives different results depending on the country in their profile. "
Heather Pugh from CUTIEDOG wrote (2015-05-23 07:04:25):
" Thank you this have been very helpful. "
Debbie Montgomery from Pleasant Expressions wrote (2015-05-21 16:44:55):
" Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /var/www/clients/client2/web4/web/models/etsy.php on line 80

It won't work for me! "
Linda Long from umeone wrote (2015-05-19 17:33:54):
" What a valuable tool! Great for finding the best keyword descriptions! Thank you so much for the help! "
Irith Mashiah from rioritajewelry wrote (2015-05-18 22:16:37):
" Will search again later. Thanks! "