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Farin from FarinDecals wrote (2015-08-06 09:36:23):
" I'm just checking out the page. "
Cheryl from MerrywoodFarm wrote (2015-08-03 20:58:56):
" I'm just checking out the gadget to see how it works. :) "
Elly from uniquesewingboutique wrote (2015-08-03 18:07:20):
" checking it out "
Donna Braden from The Custom Candle Place wrote (2015-07-31 16:08:50):
" Checking to see if this is helpful. "
Leesa Jo Schenk from rrdesigns561 wrote (2015-07-30 22:51:26):
" Pretty helpful in finding my once upon a time dresses ... nice aid for helping improve tags! "
Joanne Hayward from ParadeOfMemories wrote (2015-07-30 20:42:47):
" Checking now to see if this is helpful. "
Debbie Taylor from BelleMistique wrote (2015-07-29 21:34:53):
" Such an amazing tool! "
patricia from luzjewerlydesign wrote (2015-07-27 20:24:33):
" very helpful "
monica from AlberPop wrote (2015-07-26 12:01:12):
" Checking it! "
nurit levak from nuritdesignjewelry wrote (2015-07-25 16:28:30):
" great help "
George from georgessignart wrote (2015-07-18 02:07:37):
" very helpful "
sanja from craftsgardenofzen wrote (2015-07-17 07:46:12):
" Checking it! "
Bailey from Autumninnewyork wrote (2015-07-17 00:06:14):
" I will try!!! "
Shlomit from barleather wrote (2015-07-16 10:22:34):
" Very helpful!!! "
Josh greenwald from Twisted Monkey Apparel wrote (2015-07-16 04:41:07):
" Awesome idea...great help "
bing eltzroth from jewelsbyfairy wrote (2015-07-13 20:57:43):
" I tried to search my listings for Swarovski crystal earrings and necklace, and none came up. I used the correct tags and even put Swarovski in the title of my listing, still none came up. Not sure why. The tags I used is no different than the listings that came up on page 1 or 2 of keyword search. It is possible the Etsy database did not reflect the recent changes I made??
Bing "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-07-13 21:02:55):
" Off course, it should pass some time for your changes to be reflected in Etsy's search results.
Anyway, there are also other parameters that influence your positions in search, like your shop total ranking and its age, how recently did you renewed your items(well, this one looks like doesn't influence too much anymore) and others. "
bing eltzroth from jewelsbyfairy wrote (2015-07-13 21:51:59):
" I changed the tags just last week & my items are less than a month old, the title I changed today realizing that I has spelled Swarvoski as oppose to Swarovski. I used multiple tags referencing to Swarovski in my listing, I would think with these multiple tags I should at least get a hit.
When I used the keyword search Swarvoski, my listings came up but again that was NOT the correct spelling and since I already fixed it, why wouldn't my listings show up with the CORRECT keyword search??
Bing "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-07-14 18:04:24):
" Well, I simply don't know. I could suggest that Etsy caches some results, but until now I have never seen such behavior. The only advice I can give is using all 13 possible tags, using tags from multiple words, write good descriptions and titles (some basic SEO knowledge is plus - they are also applicable on Etsy). Also playing in teams (favathons, clickathons, pinterest games etc.) could help grow your shop general rating "
Nikki McLaughlin from nikkimcl wrote (2015-07-04 18:04:13):
" I signed in to gadget with the name nikkimcl. I added the search words green drop earrings. I set the limit of pages to 20. The results were that I had 5 products found. The problem is that none of the products are green drop earrings.
1st product - Aquamarine earring
2nd product - Cloisonne earring
3rd product - Blue briolette earring
4th product - Pink earring
5th product - Long modern earring with purple amethyst gemstone

Nikki "
Jacqueline from BlueLotusDesignsShop wrote (2015-07-04 21:24:53):
" Same here. At one point it was bringing up listings that had long been sold but still had nothing to do with the keywords I was searching :/ "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-07-05 12:53:21):
" Looks like I've fixed it. But as I had to touch some essential parts of analysis - it could generate new bugs(I hope not :p ) so please, pay attention and if you see something strange - feel free to report.

Thank you ! "
Nikki mclaughlin from Nikkimcl wrote (2015-07-04 13:14:24):
" Have you solved the problem of having the wrong listings showing that doesn't apply to the search criteria? It is still happening to me. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-07-04 17:17:11):
" Hi Nikki,

I was trying to find out the reason, but I don't understand exactly what happens. I couldn't check the search of Jacqueline from BlueLotusDesigns did, because her shop has active no listings right now.

Could you please explain me better the problem and provide search phrases that produce this error.

Thank you. "
Bobette Fisk from Wreaths by Bobette wrote (2015-07-03 15:53:57):
" I am having the same problem as that of Jacqueline from Blue Lotus Designs "
Jacqueline from BlueLotusDesignsShop wrote (2015-07-04 21:23:57):
" Hi Admin,

I can assure you I have active listings :) My shop link is www.BlueLotusDesignsShop.etsy.com

I'm still experiencing the same issues. For example, I search "sterling silver anklet with bells". When the search finishes it shows me the following results: Soapstone bracelet, turquoise dangle earrings and pink chalcedony earrings, none of which have anklet or bells in their titles or keywords. It doesn't show me the anklet or any anklets I have listed in my shop. I've tried to do just one or two keywords but it's the same problem over and over again.

Jacqueline "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-07-04 23:44:08):
" Ok, but you were searching using the name of https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlueLotusDesigns - and it has no listings at all :p

Ok, I'll check it again tomorrow. Thank you. "
Victoria from Tress Temptress wrote (2015-07-03 12:49:20):
" great "