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Lenny from LENNYshop wrote (2015-10-30 05:24:40):
" Hello, your site is very useful for all of us, but often I get different results when I search my listings. Today also there is some error. When searching for ''fabric necklace'', I received 5 results, but as I should have more, I did re-search and then showed me 6 results, with some different listings. Regards! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-30 15:03:45):
" Yes, as I have explained (I know, I should write some FAQ about it) in comments - Etsy uses few different algorithms of search which "randomly" assigned to each user session. You can check it doing the same search in different browsers at the same time - you'll see that the results will vary a bit (normally the difference is pretty small). "
Rose Baker from Rosebuds Originals wrote (2015-10-29 03:11:43):
" I have a large shop and need ways to gain more exposure and sales "
Monica from Sew Monogram It wrote (2015-10-28 17:24:02):
" Looking to improve sales by quality tagging "
jerry k from 1supply wrote (2015-10-28 12:40:30):
" Looking and learning new ways to improve shop sales. Not quit sure how this site works. "
Andy from thesewingbutterflyuk wrote (2015-10-28 12:24:01):
" Hi there. I was wondering if you help find a tag/title for a product of mine? I have managed to improve the finding of all my items with thanks to you, but I can't get one item listed. It is a baby set, and no matter what I type in I cannot find it. I tried different tags, but without success. Thanks. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-28 15:10:25):
" Ok, I have just looked this listing:
- first, I think you have a typo in the title in "New bay gift"
- you use very short and single-word tags - try using more descriptive tags like "newborn pink set" or "cotton baby set"
- you have only 12 tags - you can use one more.. "
benbenart from benbenart wrote (2015-10-28 12:12:43):
" what say i am number 5 ??????????????? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-28 15:05:27):
" It can't say that - probably it says that some of your listings found on the 5th page of search results "
benbenart from benbenart wrote (2015-10-28 12:11:31):
" i did not understand that "
Aj from Atl enterprise wrote (2015-10-28 04:22:50):
" Awes e site "
Traci Gaidos from Posh Penguin Creations wrote (2015-10-27 21:28:19):
" Great gadget! "
Jackie from Jacleens Boutique wrote (2015-10-25 16:23:19):
" Looking for new ways to improve my sales. "
sagit katchka from sagitkatchkapottery wrote (2015-10-28 12:51:25):
" looking for new ways to improve my sales "
Yulia from AdorableFun wrote (2015-10-25 05:30:43):
" I am confused about how this works. Most of my items are tagged "flower girl gift". However, this page tells me that I have zero in the first 5 pages of my product shop. How is that possible? It's not a single occurrence, this happens all the time. What am I missing? Thanks! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-25 12:43:30):
" Hi,

First of all you have very few listings, so the probability to be shown in search results is pretty low. Anyway, I have checked this search for more pages and your products start appearing since 47th page.
My advise is to make your shop a bit bigger and use tags which you wish to promote better in the title of the listings (at the beginning of the title). "
Yulia from AdorableFun wrote (2015-10-25 15:02:56):
" Oh, ok, that makes sense, I was reading the output on your site wrong. Thanks! "
Etseo Shop Tools, SEO Help And Keywords from Etseo wrote (2015-10-24 23:10:47):
" I just want to say this is a GREAT tool! I've used it for all three of my shops and it's helped me to bump some listings up and to remove tags from less desirable items that were ranking too high (and therefore pushing my other items back). I recommend this to people who purchase my Etsy shop tools. Thanks for creating this! "
Fay from Foressentialoil wrote (2015-10-23 17:05:16):
" Hi
I can't find my shop at all .
My shop has 0 views and impression despite Activation of the promotion ads.

When I key in all my keyword, my shop is not showing up too. Something is very very wrong. Can you help pls?
Thks "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-25 12:46:05):
" It looks like you don't have shop at all... or at least the name you indicated in comment is the name of the user which has no shop. "
Jill from JillMelyssa wrote (2015-10-18 19:51:51):
" I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but the search isn't working for me. I've waited 5 minutes and nothing. I tried my shop name as JillMelyssa and Jill Melyssa and both resulted in nothing. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-19 15:21:46):
" Searching my "Minecraft creeper necklace" you have a lot of listings on the first page. "
Gita from GitasJewelryShop wrote (2015-10-18 10:35:21):
" Not correct at all! Just made a search of a word somebody used to feat. me in a treasury! They found me, cause my item is on page 9... I checked the forst 20 pages here, but the gadget said: Products count founds: 0
Gita from GitasJewelryShop wrote (2015-10-20 23:58:25):
" OK, I was curious and made the same search again! Now it's working! The gadget said I am on page 11 now, and I am already on page 12... But it's close enough! Anyway, the search is different, depends on which side of the world you are checking. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-21 15:09:15):
" Probably if was some temporary error, connection fail os something similar "
lior shachar from 1220ceramicsstudio wrote (2015-10-17 20:57:40):
" Thank you "
Imrana from www.etsy.com/shop/HandmadeCovers wrote (2015-10-17 16:17:42):
" Please search my shop's listings. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-19 15:24:25):
" Search for "HandmadeCovers" shopname and this keyphrase "MacBook 11 Case" - you are on all pages from 1 to 10. "
v from fsf wrote (2015-10-17 07:16:35):
" very useful "
TJ from NA wrote (2015-10-16 07:40:33):
" From my experience, Etsy's search results are vastly between PC devices versus mobile devices. The search results for this gadget appear to closely match etsy search for mobile devices. Why Etsy search results are different between devices and will it always be this way? Who knows. But, keep this in mind when using this gadget. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-16 15:13:40):
" The difference is not only between mobile and PC versions - if you search the same on PC in different browsers(or different sessions in the same browser) you will also see a bit different results (normally the difference is pretty small), because they use few different algorithm at the same time (meanwhile each session attached to the same algorithm - so if you repeat the search in the same session - the results will not change).

This tool shows ONE of the resuls for PC, but in average the results will be pretty close. "
maria Jose from spiralspiral wrote (2015-10-15 16:45:11):
" Say that my item appears on page 1 position 32 but it is not the photograph is my item neither my store. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-15 22:06:23):
" As I explained somewhere in comments before - it's because Etsy uses few different search algorithms at the same time and their results could differ a bit(not much) - if you repeat the same search few times in different browsers you'll see some differences in results too. So it shows position of your listing in one of these algorithms and you should find your listing around indicated position. "