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Sue Mochrie from talulahblue wrote (2015-12-16 15:46:20):
" I like it, very quick and easy to check your SEO inside Etsy. "
chantal fuchs from chantaljewelry wrote (2015-12-16 14:40:36):
" I am impressed! "
Victoria from elegant_stencils wrote (2015-12-16 05:05:45):
" Give ;reults "
DOE ERCOLANO from Purple Haze Dayz wrote (2015-12-16 04:01:41):
" This is really helpful... will be using this to correct my listing!! Thank you!! "
Angela from The Preppy Pepper wrote (2015-12-16 03:59:34):
" Hello "
LimitationFree from Limitation Free wrote (2015-12-15 22:10:06):
" Very helpful! Thank you! "
Mow from Monibu wrote (2015-12-14 23:14:24):
" Very Helpful! Thanks! "
Carol Lightfine from Three Bred Ewes wrote (2015-12-14 19:47:18):
" I'm not quite sure how to use this yet!! I just happened upon it, but you can bet I will check it out! "
ella from suibokuga wrote (2015-12-14 18:12:36):
" Very useful gadget! Thank yo so much Carla! "
lea passi even from LikaMia wrote (2015-12-14 12:00:05):
" Why the results are not always accurate. Foe example, sometimes the results point at position 6 on page no. 2 and the actual result is position 11 on page no. 3. I even have an actual result of page 7 after it was said page no. 4. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-12-14 15:20:56):
" It's because Etsy uses 4-6 different algorithms at the same time (for each user session they attach different algorithm) and their results differ a bit (normally not much). You can check it yourself doing the same search an the same time but in different browsers. Anyway, general view is normally maintained so the picture doesn't vary too much. "
chantal fuchs from chantaljewelry wrote (2015-12-13 00:14:10):
" Very helpful! "
Kristen from CreativelyCluttered wrote (2015-12-12 22:04:08):
" So very helpful & time saving! Thank you!! "
Helen Elizabeth from thesmallestthought wrote (2015-12-12 03:01:56):
" I just wanted to thank you so much for this program. I'm finding it very useful and use it all the time ... "
Epp Aareleid from KeraSoftwear wrote (2015-12-12 00:36:15):
" Thanks! "
Amanda Shuman from carrylovedesigns wrote (2015-12-10 18:05:26):
" I have really enjoyed this and found it super helpful. Thank you! "
dona hepfinger from homecraftframing wrote (2015-12-10 02:33:44):
" Thank You! "
Candice from Sacred Soul Designs wrote (2015-12-08 00:46:44):
" Thank you for a great site! "
Aysegul from WrapSodic wrote (2015-12-06 12:15:30):
" Thank you for such a useful programme. It is time saving, too. "
Helen from 4 Gifts Unique wrote (2015-12-06 01:29:03):
" I searched for a specific item (with a unique name) in my shop and nothing came up!
Help! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-12-06 02:06:45):
" Probably you just written wrong your shop name - you need to write is exactly as it appears in the link to your shop... probably "4GiftsUnique" "
Jeanne Goldfarb from designer jeannes wrote (2015-12-05 21:27:22):
" Looking forward to this option. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-12-06 02:07:08):
" what option ? "