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Lee Brown from leebrowncarvings wrote (2016-01-11 03:08:59):
" Just signed up and can't get it to work. "
elisa from HookInHandStudio wrote (2016-01-11 00:51:39):
" Where do you find the 'suggested keywords" that you make a reference to in one of the replies? thanks "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-01-13 14:35:52):
" Uuups.... it looks like they dissapeared... I need to fix it! Thank you for pointing it! "
danielle chmielewski from STONEandGREY wrote (2016-01-10 21:30:42):
" just signed up and still learning how it works! "
Mary Sokolowski from Beadstobows wrote (2016-01-08 04:14:19):
" I just found your site and tried one search I will be back to look around. I am looking forward to learning all the ins and outs.
Thanks "
Amelia McCall from Robins and Bobbins wrote (2016-01-06 20:06:02):
" Need help with so "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-01-07 15:03:32):
" Try reading comments - there are many things explained already... But if still have doubts - write what exactly you need help with, and I'll try to answer "
Vicky from GreekSeaGlassJewels wrote (2016-01-03 05:39:15):
" It tells me what pages my listings are but for some of them when I click to check they are not there nice gadgetbut wish it was more accurate "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-01-03 17:36:01):
" The thing is that Etsy uses few search algorithms at the same time, and even if the results usually do not vary too much, sometimes they are. So while this tool shows you results of one of algorithms, you can see results of another one. You can check it yourself repeating the same search few times in different browsers - you'll see the difference. "
Brenda from Wreath With Metal Art wrote (2015-12-31 23:14:28):
" Please explain how this works. Thanks "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-01-01 19:42:46):
" This tool lets you find out positions of your listings in search easier and quicker then doing it manually. Just put the search phrase and your shop's name and press "Submit". The tool will show positions of your listings in the results (if they were found there) and will show you tags of the most positioned listings in the results. "
Donna from Morgan's Beds wrote (2015-12-30 18:42:51):
" Tried this several times and wasn't able to get any results. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-12-30 18:44:51):
" Try first with more specific search phrases of 2-4 words contained by your titles - then you'll get the trick and will be able find your listings for more generic keywords "
jamie lanier from emeraldcitytreasures wrote (2015-12-30 17:55:58):
" Thank you for your response. Just figured out how to use your awesome tool and I'm tweeking my listings. Thank you so much for your help! "
Lisa Cook from Elsie's Creative Designs wrote (2015-12-30 05:41:27):
" LOVE this tool, I was having problems on 2 items I knew were fantastic and should of sold by now so I looked them up here and changed tags that are suggested and both those items sold in 3 days!! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-12-30 12:23:15):
" I am happy to hear it helped you so well! "
Jamie from Emerald City Treasures wrote (2015-12-30 05:19:15):
" Great tool! So is it best to use single word tags or phrases or a mix of both? I use a mix of both. And should my tags match my title or be different from my title. Title example:Elephant Necklace, Repurposed Necklace, Brown Beaded Necklace, Elephant Jewelry, Elephant Jewellry, White, Brown, Jewelry, Necklace
And the tag:mom (1), idea (1), birthday (1), chic (1), matinee (1), gift (1), jewellry (1), brown (1), cream (1), bead (1), necklace (1), jewelry (1), elephant (1) "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-12-30 12:32:42):
" My general suggestion would be to use multiple word tags, because they cover much more combinations of search phrases, including single word searches(even if a bit worse then single word tags), so people could find you by more ways. Title is even more important, especially words that fit in first 40 symbols, as they appear in the listing's URL - it helps position better in Google and other search engines. "
paula from MagikalLittleThings wrote (2015-12-29 17:23:38):
" needing help here "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-12-29 18:21:05):
" What kind of help do you need? "
Nadia from Trū Images Photo Art wrote (2015-12-29 15:07:19):
" I just registered and was wondering after I do a search and if I'm not on any pages, will I get a message saying 0 listings are on the the first 20 pages or it will it just not say anything. I've done 3 searches and I don't know where to get my results? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-12-29 18:20:03):
" There should appear a message like "there were no your listings found in the results of search" "
Adrienne Solomon from Shalom Jewelry wrote (2015-12-29 06:10:13):
" I researched a dozen items and nothing came up! I've been a seller for 14 months so that's really sad! What's next then? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-12-29 14:00:04):
" Analyze your tags, compare them with the suggested ones and borrow some or invent new ones... Think about tags as of "exact" search phrases you wish your listings would be found for. Try playing some promotion games in teams, like Favathons or Search Games - they will help you in getting to the Etsy Trends and increasing rank of your listings. "
Sue from suesupcyclednvintage wrote (2015-12-29 05:37:47):
" I love the tool, but my results don't seem to be right. I did a search here - no listings on first 20 pages. Did the same search on ETSY, came up on page 1 (and I have been for about a month).
(search term used - "mens gift") "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-12-29 13:55:36):
" That's because when you search on Etsy, you forget to remove the filter "Ship to (your country)" "
Mary from navyandhide wrote (2015-12-29 00:49:49):
" Brilliant tool, really helpful! "
Anne Marie from Cool Dog Vintage wrote (2015-12-28 18:54:14):
" Wow!! This really helps me out a lot!! "
Amy Doderer from LaceAtMidnight wrote (2015-12-28 03:38:16):
" This is really helpful. Thank you. "
Shober from woodmadegrp wrote (2015-12-27 18:27:31):
" nice "
dor levin from dollyslove wrote (2015-12-26 01:39:34):
" thanks "