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Delores Benedict from bitzofglitz4u wrote (2016-03-01 01:41:24):
" I am 0 on all searches "
Dawn Minch from Labellesoaps wrote (2016-03-01 00:09:07):
" Great tool! "
Debbie from FlahertyNaturals wrote (2016-02-29 21:08:49):
" Thank you sooooo much for the return of the Tags :) "
Julie from Jewels'Dezigns wrote (2016-02-29 14:00:36):
" Thank you "
Dave Jordahl from djwoods wrote (2016-02-28 21:42:29):
" I entered "cutting board," and nothing showed up. I then entered "endgrain cutting board" and it appeared. Why? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-28 19:59:29):
" ===== TAGS ARE BACK =====

Yeah, at last... but I am still testing the way they are implemented so they may not work from time to time. As soon as everything will be tested and checked - they will be working as before... or even better :) "
Cindy from cindysbathcreations wrote (2016-02-27 13:25:01):
" I am actually looking at the etsy site and typing in the search box different tags and comparing them to your site search results and they are wrong. For example I type in rabbit soap which is a big seller for me. Your search results show I'm on position 1, page 1. However from my end I don't show that listing at all on all 16 pages of the results.That is just one example. Why the difference??? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-27 14:46:36):
" I'v just checked the search you provided and the tool shows you are on the first page and I checked on Etsy and you are on exactly the same position. You may see different results it you use some additional filters or different sorting type. Just click in the results of this search on the position number and it will direct you to the search on Etsy with exactly same parameters used by this tool. "
Kelsie from MuttsNSuch wrote (2016-02-27 00:01:24):
" It's not showing accurate position or page number anymore? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-27 14:41:38):
" It should. Please provide parameters of your search so I could check it and try to fix it. "
Bonnie from IslandArtByBonnie wrote (2016-02-26 00:24:45):
" Great tool, more of my items showed up compared to my last usage! "
Andrian from beatOftime wrote (2016-02-25 12:10:35):
" Добрый день. Вопрос админу - почему некорректно работает? указывает ту страницу, на которой при поиске в Этси нет товара ? Может быть есть какие-то настройки? "
Mary E Rushing from TreasuresTimeworn wrote (2016-02-24 02:09:44):
" This is my listing, I guess it's OK "
Natalia from Girls555Bowtique wrote (2016-02-23 19:36:03):
" А точнее, когда, завтра, через месяц? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-23 19:41:49):
" Как только найдется достаточно времени на их починку... так как сейчас бОльшая часть доступного времени уходит на то чтобы отвечать на комментарии и письма. Плюс к тому более приоритетным является задача исправления багов в платных расширениях и как раз так совпало что один из них стал работать со сбоями у нескольких людей. "
Natalia from Girls555Bowtique wrote (2016-02-23 19:18:36):
" Помогите, пожалуйста, найти вот эту функцию:"Также выводит все поисковые теги найденных товаров и рекомендует другие теги для ваших продуктов."
Please help me find this function:"list all tags search items found and recommends other tags for your products." "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-23 19:23:40):
" Теги сейчас временно не работают, но скоро вернуться. Извините. "
Dawn Minch from Labellesoaps wrote (2016-02-22 17:53:54):
" Great site! "
Iv Mihaylova from KrasiiIvWonders wrote (2016-02-22 10:33:55):
" This gadge is super usefull. Thank you halping us. I just wanted to share with you that for two weeks now I can't see the tags that you recommend. Hope it's temporary and you will fix it soon. "
Donna from woodbeautifier wrote (2016-02-21 21:13:14):
" Thank you so much. Its wonderful "
Rebecca from rebeccasroomknitting wrote (2016-02-20 17:01:53):
" How is the fix for the tags going?
Best wishes. "
Laimute from LaimutesHDJ wrote (2016-02-20 13:48:21):
" Thank you, it is faster to fined my items. "
Ayelet Bar from AyeBarDesigns wrote (2016-02-20 07:25:16):
" Great help, quick and easy! Thanks! "
elena from HappyLenok wrote (2016-02-20 01:57:14):
" Thank you, very good program. "