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Jennifer from daintybritecards wrote (2016-03-12 00:02:36):
" thanks, will correct the issues. "
Jane from The Junk Rabbit wrote (2016-03-10 18:26:17):
" OOps now they are working sorry. "
Jane from The Junk Rabbit wrote (2016-03-10 18:23:54):
" The tags were working and then after about 5 or 6 searches now they are not visible. "
Dan from bourgeoisglass wrote (2016-03-10 14:05:16):
" When I click the "more" button under the tags section, nothing happens. "
Diya from Radiant Jewel Studio wrote (2016-03-06 23:21:15):
" Is something wrong? This hasn't worked for a couple of days now. "
Admin from Admin wrote (2016-03-09 20:36:37):
" Hi, Diya.

What exactly doesn't work?
Please, provide your search params.

Wendy from Wedding Creations wrote (2016-03-06 12:26:01):
" Its not showing a thing??????? "
Admin from Admin wrote (2016-03-09 20:37:48):
" Hi, Wendy.

What exactly doesn't work?
Please, provide your search params.

Greetings. "
David from Lasersnstuff wrote (2016-03-06 10:17:48):
" Most of the discrepancy between etsy gadget results and etsy results are due to the default "ships to everywhere" field.

Every time I search I change it to ships to my country, but after searching it defaults back to ships to anywhere. Etsy search defaults to the searchers country. Is there a way to have etsygadget remember this field? All other fields are retained from the previous search but ship to always resets. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-03-06 15:40:30):
" Ok, thank you for reporting that. This field was added much later so probably I forgot to add it to the list of saved fields. "
L J Jameson from LittleCottageAttic wrote (2016-03-05 19:11:00):
" Hi
Is there a tutorial that explains how to use the service? I've put in my shop name and search words, selected page limit and narrowed down the shipping list, but cannot see any results, so guess I must be doing something wrong. But what?

L J "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-03-06 15:49:14):
" It doesn't mean you can not use it - it only means that your listings does not appear on first pages of search by specified search phrase. Try starting from searching some very specific phrase, for example by the title of some of your listings. Then try more generic searches. "
vintagestarParis from vintagestarParis wrote (2016-03-05 16:08:17):
" Hello!
I did not see any tabs come up when I did the search. Maybe I did something wrong? I would love to find out which are the most effective tags I've used. Thanks in advance "
L E from Le Boutique by LE wrote (2016-03-04 15:29:35):
" hi! "
Nora Wade from Yayasrefindanddesign wrote (2016-03-03 17:33:15):
" none "
Bettie Driver from JewelryColors wrote (2016-03-03 10:56:30):
" I simply do not understand any of this. None of my items are showing up. Many other Etsy users rave over this site. Am I that stupid? What pages are being referred to in the search: my shop, or Etsy search? I really am at a loss. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-03-06 15:38:58):
" This tool just helps you to find out where are your listings in search results on Etsy by search phrases you'd like to know. "
Catherine from JewelsByCatShop wrote (2016-03-01 22:32:07):
" There is a tab that is marked more with an arrow pointing down. The last line is not visible. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-03-01 22:40:52):
" Still don't get it... sorry... what exactly are you trying to print and how is it related to this tool? "
Catherine from JewelsByCatShop wrote (2016-03-01 21:08:01):
" Yay my tags are showing up! thanks "
Catherine from JewelsByCatShop wrote (2016-03-01 20:56:18):
" I am having trouble printing. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-03-01 22:11:11):
" What do you mean "printing" ? "
Natalia from Girls555Bowtique wrote (2016-03-01 20:41:34):
" Здравствуйте Админ. Что значит процент после теги данного проукта? Спасибо. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-03-01 22:10:21):
" Этот процент показывает частоту использования этого тега в результатах поиска. Чем выше процент - тем чаще тег попадается в первых результатах. "
Vida from ussrvintage wrote (2016-03-01 17:27:03):
" Thank yo, thank you, thank you so much!!!!!!
Rebecca from rebeccasroomknitting wrote (2016-03-01 17:21:07):
" Yay tags are back! Thank you so much for all of your hard work :) "
Lee from Whitecloudantique wrote (2016-03-01 17:10:53):
" Love the tags, it will help me a lot. "
Scott Priestley from LibertyCoinCreations wrote (2016-03-01 01:44:33):
" Yaaasssssss!!!! Tags are back!!! Congrats!!!! "