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ebru aksel from verdawonderland wrote (2016-02-15 00:34:37):
" Verdaby "
Vili Petrova from VikitoGifts wrote (2016-02-14 18:49:28):
" Great! "
Jaana Lindberg from JaanasVintage wrote (2016-02-13 23:19:44):
" Just found this. "
patries van dokkum from kleckerlabor wrote (2016-02-13 23:07:30):
" " Thank you so much! " "
Filomena S. from filomenamehendi wrote (2016-02-13 22:03:30):
" Hi! Etsy Gadget used to give us important suggestions of tags according with their relevance in search. This feature is not available anymore? That is an great tool and helps a lot. Please fix it. Thank you.
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-17 00:47:34):
" Working again on it be back very soon. "
Anat refael from underlyingsimplicity wrote (2016-02-13 08:15:00):
" great one! "
Anat refael from underlyingsimplicity wrote (2016-02-13 08:14:09):
" great! "
Rebecca from rebeccasroomknitting wrote (2016-02-12 12:03:26):
" Still no tags? :(

i hope you find a solution soon - I miss them! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-13 14:23:03):
" Sorry, no time to fix it... working on the issue with an extension. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-13 14:23:55):
" But tags still in the progress "
Mikhail from syvenir3dnru wrote (2016-02-12 07:38:31):
" Thank you so much! "
Evgeny from russianwoodhunter wrote (2016-02-10 14:27:28):
" " Thank you! " "
Laimute from LaimutesHDJ wrote (2016-02-10 09:00:45):
" Very useful service. Thank you. "
Stela Koleva from MoodStory wrote (2016-02-08 08:10:58):
" Thank you! "
Cindy from cindysbathcreations wrote (2016-02-08 05:02:50):
" Do you know when the tags are going to be working again. It has been almost 3 weeks since they've been down?! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-09 00:04:41):
" Yes, I know it is a lot of time, and I am begging pardon for that, but there happened few issues at the same time I am working on hard. But I promise, tags will be back soon. "
Adela Santiago from AdelasWorldOfArt wrote (2016-02-06 20:25:44):
" This site used to help me a lot. Now I can't get any tag now. Too bad "
ELENA from VitaWoolToys wrote (2016-02-06 13:26:07):
" Thanks "
megan from ballaratsoapboutique wrote (2016-02-06 03:17:51):
" I'm getting zero result on search, does this mean for some reason none of my products are showing on Etsy, except if you go directly to my shop? All new to this, so am a little confused lol "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-06 17:09:28):
" It only means that your listings does not appear ON FIRST 20 PAGES. It can also mean that you are trying wrong search keywords. You should start trying some very specific search keywords, for example search for the entire title of some of your listings. Then try generalizing the search. "
nadine from merrilyverilyvintage wrote (2016-02-05 19:54:59):
" What's the status on tag search?
Thank you "
Rebecca from rebeccasroomknitting wrote (2016-02-02 23:01:38):
" I'm still missing the tags. Good luck with finding a solution!

Best wishes.

Rebecca "
Loy from elegantflorals20 wrote (2016-02-02 17:46:38):
" Just curious...is is better to be more specific in your search (such as "homemade" & "USA") or leave it open for a more realistic search result? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-02 19:16:47):
" Better start with more specific searches (even using the title or part of it of some of your listings) to see that you listings appear in search, and then trying with more generic ones. But it really depends on what exactly do you wish to find out. "
May from MaiseyMadeShop wrote (2016-02-01 04:45:57):
" When I search my shop name, there are no results! If I Google it, my listing (now sold) comes up first. I had to tag, change tags, etc before I my listing even showed up at all. Then, the next day, using the same search words, it didn't come up at all! I went through all the listings and it wasn't there. Neither is my shop name.
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-02 19:19:12):
" You shouldn't compare it to Google search, as it works in completely different way. This tool can help you check the results of Etsy search. "