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Estibela from Estibela wrote (2015-02-17 13:58:55):
" Thank you so much for this plugin. It is really helpful for those who play in FAVATHONS. When I played in favathons I couldn't make nothing in whole day exept doing favs and unfaves ... I was sick of it .. and now, with this plugin playing in trends get just some minuts in hour.. and I have a time for me, for my family still working with my shop. I think it is not right to waist so much time to promote your Etsy shop.
It is very small price for saving 3-4 hours of your time daily.
♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks agian ♥ ♥ ♥ "
admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-02-16 20:15:39):
" Hi, Rachel.

You can use it on all yours computers, you only need to login with your google account and install the plugin in new computer.

rachel from devarimyafimo wrote (2015-02-16 18:32:53):
" is it possible to use the tool on more then one computer or I am restricted to the computer I installed it first on? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-02-15 13:46:24):
" Just wanted to notice you all - today is my birthday, I am 30, so now I am going to celebrate it a bit and will not be able to answer you until tonight if I am in conditions to answer, and if not - tomorrow after I am back from work.
But as I can, I will answer to all of you !

Thank you all for your interest to my plugin and happy Favathons to all of you! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-02-15 13:33:04):
" Hi, Deb and others.

By now I see no way to choose PayPal or others payment metods in Google Chrome WebStore - the default payment option is through Google Wallet. I have no access to your personal data - neather credit card number nor even the name - I can see only the country of buyer.
Google Wallet is pretty much like PayPal and as safe as it as I know.

Have a nice day ! "
admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-02-15 13:24:51):
" Hi, Paolo.
Yes, it is not free, so donation are not actual here.
Deb from BlueSkyPotteryCO wrote (2015-02-15 13:10:09):
" I don't mind paying the $14.99 for a year's worth of this service, but do NOT want to give you my credit card number. It's been compromised too often. Do you accept PayPal? "
Paolo from thewovensheep wrote (2015-02-15 12:32:50):
" Hello, you say donate, but it cost 10,99 €. It's normal? I'm in europe "