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Lyn from AmazingFunVintage wrote (2017-08-20 17:20:06):
" I have hearts counter - but need Fav/Unfav - but when I click on "Buy and Install" nothing happens. The only "download" I see is for an e-mail account. I have had this program before and loved it - please help me get it on my new computer :) TKS! "
Admin from Admin wrote (2017-08-24 09:12:43):
" Hi Lyn.

You have to be signed into Google with the same account you bought the extensions with. Then you'll be able to install the extension again with no additional payment as it is already included into your account.

Best regards. "
Maria from Stay Beautiful Art wrote (2017-07-30 06:46:06):
" Hi,
How to use it from another computer? Should I buy it again? "
Admin from Admin wrote (2017-08-24 09:13:25):
" Hi

You only need to sign in into Chrome using the same extension you bought it with. Then you'll be able to install it with no additional payments.

Best regards.
Татьяна from FORVHER wrote (2017-07-22 08:30:32):
" добрый день, сегодня перестал работать программка? Открывает первые 7 вкладок и все больше не какого действия? В чем причина? "
Admin from Admin wrote (2017-08-24 09:15:31):
" Здравствуйте Татьяна.

Нужно обновиться до версии 2.7 Попробуйте обновить его "вручную" - зайдите в chrome://extensions и включите "Режим разработчика", после чего появится кнопка "Обновить все расширение" - нажмите ее. Также напротив каждого расширения есть отдельная кнопка обновления.

Хорошего дня. "
Susan from YourLushLive.etsy.com wrote (2017-06-28 17:07:38):
" Can't get hearts counter or unfav-fav to work. They're installed and show on Chrome, but I can't see them when I go to Etsy shops! Need help ASAP! "
Admin from Admin wrote (2017-08-24 09:16:43):
" Hi Susan.

You need to enter to chrome://extensions and activate necessary extensions.

Have a nice day. "
vivian liotta from thegiftingplaceshop wrote (2017-05-21 19:53:49):
" I have the extension installed but it is not working. It is enabled. help! "
Admin from Admin wrote (2017-05-24 18:14:02):
" Hi Vivian.

Try to logout from your google account and Chrome browser and login again. Also try entering to chrome://extensions (put it into the address bar of your Chrome), func Searchton and disable/uncheck and afterward enable/check the extension.

Best regards. "
Susan Linthicum from Suzs Collectibles wrote (2017-01-19 00:02:23):
" I am having problems with this. My first set of fav/unfavs works well. Then I go to my 2nd (96 at a time) and it unfavs but does not fav. I then have to go out of list completely come back in and
do it again. This happens almost all of the time. Also, On the hearts counter when I do this it starts all over again at 0. Something is just not right. "
Admin from Admin wrote (2017-02-27 10:43:02):
" Please contact me through http://etsygadget.com/contacts Thank you. "
Lee Smuk from whitecloudantique wrote (2017-01-08 16:23:00):
" My etsy unfav-fav gadget disappeared!!! "
Admin from Admin wrote (2017-02-27 10:41:25):
" Please contact me here http://etsygadget.com/en/contacts/ "
Анастасия from NeidinDesign wrote (2016-12-15 20:35:39):
" Добрый день!Как отменить автоматическое продление оплаты? Вчера ночью сняло автоматически сумму за продление. Как отказаться от подписки - нигде не нашла ни кнопки, ни информации. Давненько не пользуюсь расширением и не планирую. Скажите, пожалуйста, как отказаться от подписки и вернуть деньги, которые уже сняло? Заранее спасибо "
Admin from Admin wrote (2017-02-27 10:40:38):
" здравствуйте Анастасия.

Вы можете управлять своими подписками в Вашем Google Wallet аккаунте - https://wallet.google.com/manage/#billingaccounts:epid=list

Хорошего дня. "
Leila Blakely from La's Lovelies wrote (2016-12-06 18:45:35):
" I love this feature but I am not able to transfer it from my laptop over to my new desk top. It sure makes doing my threads so much easier. "
Serene from TemplesTreasureTrove wrote (2016-10-03 09:18:44):
" My etsy unfav-fav gadget disappeared!!!

What do I do???? "
Ayelet from AyeletArts wrote (2016-09-29 07:13:37):
" Hallo,
A month ago I purchased Unfav/fav software.
Now I change my computer to a now one.
How do I install the software on my new PC?
I hope there is no need to re-purchase the software.

Thanks in advance. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-10-04 15:36:19):
" You just need to sign in into Chrome on your new computer using the same account you bought the extension with. Then you'll be able to install the extension with no additional payment. "
Voneenz from Voneenz wrote (2016-09-23 19:55:03):
" Hi There,

I purchase both Etsy Unfav-Fav & Unfav-Fav Automator (Addon to Etsy Unfav-Fav) in May of this year.

However, I am receiving an error message stating that the app is unable to fav items and that I need to re-purchase Etsy Unfav-Fav before I can use the Unfav-Fav Automator (Addon to Etsy Unfav-Fav).

Please look into this issue. I patiently await your reply.

Kind regards,

Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-10-04 15:37:16):
" Hi, if you still experience this issue, please contact me through http://etsygadget.com/en/contacts/

Thank you "
Анастасия from dizzystuffshop wrote (2016-09-22 14:49:06):
" Добрый день!Как отменить автоматическое продление?Сегодня сняло автоматически сумму за продление .Где отказаться от продления я не нашла.Расширением уже давно не пользуюсь.Как вернуть оплату и отказаться от подписки?Спасибо. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-10-04 15:37:35):
" Вопрос решили в почте. "
Rebecca Stangl from lilies legacies wrote (2016-09-16 16:01:34):
" I like this app, but would have liked the option of choosing to renew which of the two I would have repurchased for the next year. My circumstances have changed and I would not have bought both for the coming year. Maybe a heads up, you are going to be charged again , email would have been nice and a better business model. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-20 00:51:49):
" Hi Rebecca,

You may manage your subscriptions in your Google Wallet. All subscriptions are found by this link: https://wallet.google.com/manage/#billingaccounts:epid=list
Char Farber from CocoLuvsVintage.etsy.com wrote (2016-09-01 05:35:58):
" For the past couple of weeks, when faving a shop's page, gadget shows that I faved a certain amount, but the hearts do no show up on the items. So, with a 300/hr heart limit, I'm having to do fav/unfav twice. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-20 00:53:33):
" Make sure not to be playing at the same time in other browser as you would be wasting your hearts and Unfav/Fav wouldn't know about it. "
Ran from vintagejewelrynsmith wrote (2016-08-14 13:28:50):
" Hi
i like this Etsy Unfav-Fav but i just noticed that the payment for the next year been done automatically and i like to have control of my payments, so how can i turn this automatically payment into manually ? and also, if i don't want to use this addon anymore, what shell i do ? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-08-15 16:56:45):
" You may manage your subscriptions in your Google Wallet: https://wallet.google.com/manage/#billingaccounts:epid=list "
Debby McClain from glancesbackvintage wrote (2016-08-10 22:30:54):
" I tried to install on my laptop, already had purchased and was using on my other computer. It is on my toolbar, but will not let me purchase for this computer or install it. Just shows grey. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-08-15 16:53:39):
" It looks like it is already synchronized with your laptop. Just try pressing CTRL+(minus) once or twice - the button is probably "out of the screen".

Let me know if it helped.
Have a nice day! "
Gulkent from Rosestyle wrote (2016-07-31 08:40:51):
" I bought but I cant open . Please help.

Thanks "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-07-31 17:26:16):
" Hi,

What exactly happen? Can you see the button? "
Tali from netawolpediamonds wrote (2016-07-28 15:37:17):
" Hi,I'm trying to pay for the app, however once I'm done with the payment details, the ""PAY" or ''place order" button that should be somewhere down below is missing.
How to proceed? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-07-29 15:13:47):
" Hi,
First of all you need to be signed in into Chrome with your google account. Also make sure to be signed in into Google itself using the same account - it is required to buy any extension on Chrome Webstore. "
rachel Cremer from cremerdani wrote (2016-07-28 06:26:05):
" cant use the fav unfav button "