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vira from gebeya wrote (2016-10-13 05:49:14):
" вчера програмка работала супер, сегодня только открывает линки, но не лайкает и не закрывает их(((( что делать???? "
Admin from Admin wrote (2016-10-15 21:53:50):
" Здравствуйте Vira,

Да, сейчас в связи с последними изменениями дизайна, судя по отзывам, перестали работать лайки. Пользователи сообщают что почистив Куки (Cookies) в браузере помогает решить проблему.
Чтобы почистить куки связанные с Etsy сделайте следующее:
Войдите в chrome://settings/cookies
введите в поисковую строку этого окошка etsy.com
удалите все что найдется
Дальше пробуйте играть снова.

Также, естественно, я постараюсь в ближайшее время адаптировать программу под новый дизайн, если это понадобиться.

Пожалуйста, сообщите помогло или нет.
Всего хорошего! "
John Francis from PetMemorialstone wrote (2016-09-06 02:19:26):
" Another team that plays the daily searchtons is:
shop-favorites-followers "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-09-23 17:48:21):
" Than you, I'll add it to the list "
Andrea Robinson from RosysCozyCorner wrote (2016-07-13 12:46:15):
" This works fine for some games, but it really needs to be able to function when you open up someones shop. Most games you have to go to someones shop, then view the first page of 24 items. That is when I would like to use the clickathon button. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-07-17 14:27:04):
" The thing is that opening 24 links at once would hang up most of computers, because it would consume a lot of RAM memory and CPU. "
racheals from shulamitknittings wrote (2016-05-22 17:27:36):
" hi
when i press the button its not doing nothing this is this is the mesege : mibldfepmchoiladoannfblpilcphclh
you find on the clicaton and fav/unfuve buttuns "
racheals from shulamitknittings wrote (2016-05-21 09:35:07):
" hi to you this butten is not working . i need your helop thnk you "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-05-22 16:20:48):
" Hi, what kind of problem is it. Is the button appear. If so - what happens when you click on it? "
racheals from shulamitknittings wrote (2016-05-20 10:30:05):

there is aproplam with my fav/unfav button and aloso with clicatons button also i need help beacuse i can not work on my shop plese help me "
karen from vintagecellardoor wrote (2016-05-16 02:17:58):
" Thank you anxious to put this in use. "
iwao from casacova wrote (2016-05-10 07:55:39):
" mistake: You can insetall the "
Admin from Admin wrote (2016-05-17 13:58:33):
" Thank you! "
eric from stickermasters wrote (2016-04-03 23:14:04):
" nice work, love the extension. "
Bev from goshenpickers wrote (2016-03-24 01:25:49):
" I installed the Clickathons but I do not see "click all listings".

Love the Fav/Unfav! "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-03-25 12:13:21):
" Try reenable the extension - sometimes it is not properly activated during installation. To do so, enter to chrome://extensions into Chrome, find the extension and disable it and enable again. Then reload the game-thread and check if it works again. Also If you have any other extensions for Etsy (not from Etsygadget), try disabling them temporarily as I was reported that some of them conflicts (or intentionally block) with my extensions. "
Wendy Smth from PhoenixSmiles wrote (2016-03-09 09:13:32):
" How do I remove the hearts counter and clickathon from my computer? "
Admin from Admin wrote (2016-03-09 20:17:18):
" Hi Wendy,

You can remove Counter (or any other extension) from your Google Chrome entering to chrome://extensions (copy it to the address bar of your Chrome).

Greetings! "
Sandra from OnlyBiju wrote (2016-03-07 20:42:24):
" You are right. What I bought is the searchathon and the fav/unfav apps. And I love them. "
Admin from Admin wrote (2016-03-09 20:18:37):
" Hi, Sandra.

I glad that you like my extensions.

Greetings. "
Nancy Asper from Folk Art By Nancy wrote (2016-02-28 22:00:51):
" Love the Etsy Fav/Unfav "
Sandra from OnlyBiju wrote (2016-02-01 21:01:21):
" Thank you so much for tha app. I use it a lot. It is really great. I also bought the Heart Counter too.

Just a desire: if the app could click any item on a complete shop´s page and on treasury items would be wonderful.

Once again, thank you so much.
Sandra "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2016-02-02 22:14:32):
" :) Thanks for nice words!
You shouldn't have bought Counter as it is free :p
I have added your idea to the "think of/to do" list, thank you! "
Corina de Athiss from Athiss wrote (2015-12-19 11:26:05):
" Thank you! "
Ann Mary from AnnMaryConsulDesigns wrote (2015-12-17 02:16:32):
" Thank you so much!! Very Nice!!! "
Maria Plover from SEWsational Stitches wrote (2015-11-25 20:23:43):
" It doesn't seem to work on Etsy treasuries. Is it supposed to? If not, it would be a great feature to have and a real time saver! Thanks "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-11-27 14:22:38):
" What do you mean? To open all listings in a treasury ? "
Natalia from atmaring wrote (2015-11-06 03:41:01):
" Thank you very much! "
ayşe bayraklı from angelofanatolia wrote (2015-11-03 05:39:09):
" Thanks for applications!!!
ayşe bayraklı from angelofanatolia wrote (2015-11-03 05:36:35):
" Ok,Thanks! "
ayşe bayraklı from aysev wrote (2015-10-31 21:34:23):
" Very Nice,Thanks! "
Catherine from CatherinesJewelry wrote (2015-10-28 18:46:36):
" This is a great tool!!! But, I seem to be having a problem with it. I just installed it the other day, and I've had 2 blue-screen complete pc crash failures in the last 3 days. Both crashes happened while I was using this tool, and this is the only new software on my machine. I'm using Chrome (obviously) and my OS is Vista Home Premium/64-bit. Everything is automagically kept up-to-date. Is there something else I need to be able to run this gadget/tool? I really love it! Help?
Catherine "
Grzegorz from CovoyLeather wrote (2015-10-07 22:04:09):
" Does views number increase position in search? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-10-12 13:13:14):
" They CAN improve your positions, but not guarantee. "
Tania from DragonPorter wrote (2015-09-18 08:02:21):
" I installed clicaton and tried to use it. It open items ( page ) which is not on the page of clicaton? example i am on the 20th page of clicton where is only 9 items ( and then remainimg comments are here. Clicatopn oppen 9 , but absolutlu different pages with differnt items and even more it is another shops? why & "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-09-18 12:52:29):
" Don't know if it is the case, but probably you are looking on the wrong page - clickathon opens listings AND automatically goes to the next page of the thread, so when you go to check listings - you need to go back to hte previous page. Hope you understand what I mean. "
Наталья from ForLovelyLadies wrote (2015-08-29 20:36:44):
" Прошу прощенья за беспокойство - кликатон заработал, правда, только после того, как я кнопку Unfav/Fav нажала "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-08-29 21:40:36):
" Рад что у Вас получилось, странно конечно как заработало, так как с Unfav/Fav у кликатона связи никакой нет.

В случае чего, пробуйте отключить и заново включить расширение в chrome://extensions (скопируйте в адресную строку) "
Наталья from ForLovelyLadies wrote (2015-08-29 20:19:42):
" Здравствуйте, с удовольствием начала пользоваться Вашими программами, спасибо! Вот только сегодня во время игры у меня как-то странно "слетел" кликатон. Причем на страницах, где нет игр, там эта кнопка есть, а на страницах с играми пропала. Попыталась заново скачать, а мне в ответ пишут ДОБАВЛЕНО В CROME. Где-что смотреть, как установить по новой? подскажите плиз) "
Maor from Maor Zabar Hats wrote (2015-08-18 09:46:41):
" Hi, I just added the clickathon extension. It worked a couple times but it seems to be inconsistent about showing up on the actual page. Right now it isn't showing up on the page at all and under the hearts the "News" button keeps asking me if I want to add this extension. According to chrome it's all added. Any ideas? "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-08-26 13:00:49):
" Sorry, didn't see your comment before..
If you still have a problem - try disable and reenable the extansion entering to this direction: chrome://extensions
Also try reinstalling it. "
cher from LooseChipsWoodWork wrote (2015-06-21 12:22:32):
" can not hear video....still reviewing and learning. "
Admin from EtsyGadget wrote (2015-06-21 14:26:15):
" The video doesn't have any sound :) "
NORMA from TrueColorsBoutique wrote (2015-06-18 21:06:56):
" Iam still learning how this runs "
Nataliya Businka from NataliyaBusinka wrote (2015-05-19 07:53:36):
" Замечательные приложения. С первых минут использования поняла их эффективность. 13 Долларов это не те деньги, которые стоит экономить. Мое время стоит гораздо дороже и не хочется его тратить на лайки товаров, а лучше занять его эффективно. Радости не было предела когда я нашла ваши приложения. Спасибо Вам программисты)) Успехов. Буду рекламировать Ваш продукт в своих группах в соц сетях, в частности ВКОНТАКТЕ.
Wonderful application. From the first minutes of use to understand their effectiveness. $ 13 is not the money that is worth saving. My time is much more expensive and do not want to spend it on goods huskies, but rather to take it effectively. Joy knew no bounds when I found your applications. Thank you programmers)) Good luck. I will advertise your product in their groups in social networks, in particular Vkontakt "
leyla from leylaks wrote (2015-03-25 08:58:56):
" ok