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Ann from Heaven ScentedBB wrote (2015-03-31 10:59:31):
" ta "
Melina from twinkle twinkle babies wrote (2015-03-31 09:20:23):
" doesn't appear to do anything... "
Melina from Twinkle Twinkle Babies wrote (2015-03-31 09:16:16):
" Thanks :) "
Tracey from Martha & Boo wrote (2015-03-31 01:26:18):
" thank you "
rachel from TheGoldenType wrote (2015-03-31 00:47:57):
" Thanks for the help "
barbara from MargritliDesign wrote (2015-03-28 18:02:01):
" Lokking for best tags "
Nicole from Geneva's Sky wrote (2015-03-24 17:15:12):
" Looking for best tags "
L.Lines from AmberlillysHandmade wrote (2015-03-24 12:04:47):
" I am a bit confused, as I did a search and it never came up where you said? If I go to the link you give for where it is, then it is there, but an independent search, even narrowing it under catergory, still doesn't turn up where you say, which is a shame.Its a couple of pages further down the search. I searched for Pink Earrings uk, you say page 1. Not there. "
Admin from Admin wrote (2015-03-24 01:28:34):
" @MarthaLyttonVanTrees - Well SEO generally is just a set of RECOMMENDATIONS... after all everybody knows that etsy's search engine is pretty bad. We just try to do our best to get closer to what we consider Etsy's search algorithm is. "
Martha Lytton Van Trees from UrbanJule wrote (2015-03-21 11:18:09):
" Personally, this just tells me that SEO is a crock. I use the recommended tags and I don't show up on the first 20 pages of each search?? That just makes me want to cry. "
Tammy from TreasureRelocators wrote (2015-03-20 17:09:34):
" Thank you! Love this tool! "
Sharon from MakingSomethingHappy wrote (2015-03-20 14:31:22):
" Thank you for developing an incredible tool! As a new shop owner, I have been unable to find helpful Etsy documentation and tools to assist with SEO and Relevancy for Sellers. I really needed something like this that pinpointed my listing flaws. Fortunately (for me at least) and Etsy Forum user listed this URL!
Elise from designsbynoa.etsy.com wrote (2015-03-20 07:21:00):
" How do I find the number of total views for the search word I'm looking for? "
creamcarol from CREAMCAROLL wrote (2015-03-18 15:05:08):
very userful app! "
dan from bourgeoisglass wrote (2015-03-17 13:42:36):
" To all people complaining that they are find objects on etsy search but not here: if you search on etsy, you are more likely to find your own items because etsy optimizes the search for things you are likely to be interested in. That's why this search tool is useful, it lets you know what the average person searching will actually find. Otherwise it would be pointless to use this. "
Schelesia Mangus from UniqueBeadedGifts wrote (2015-03-08 16:36:23):
" Thank you for giving us such wonderful information. I look forward to learning more and more. "
Admin from Admin wrote (2015-02-28 16:32:03):
" Thank you Sue Freer, happy you love it ! "
Sue Freer from SuesUpcyclednVintage wrote (2015-02-28 01:02:52):
" Love this tool. Very quick and very helpful to see how my listings rate. Will be advertising in my teams. "
cool Lam from LegoWedding wrote (2015-02-26 09:09:24):
" I set up my shop last week and post some lego man boutonnieres on etsy. The listings were able to be searched and found last week but suddenly this week cannot be found.
I have tried searching by tag names or title, and even my shop name "LegoWedding" but nothing come up! I checked my listings, they are active and normal. I don't know what is happening. Hope you can help me. "
Ирина from Gizelhats wrote (2015-02-24 19:41:14):
" Спасибо! "
Ирина from Gizelhats wrote (2015-02-24 19:38:57):
" Искать товар "
Anna from TEENYtinyART wrote (2015-02-20 22:31:39):
" It is very helpful and I am gooing to use etsygadget in future:) "
laura manning from SUNCREATIONSEMPORIUM wrote (2015-02-17 14:11:53):
" Great app for improving your listings, recommend it to all Etsy sellers "
Natasha Coulter from NataHandmadeJewelry wrote (2015-02-16 04:07:46):
" 0 results "
Margareta Lindberg from Bioux EmmElle wrote (2015-01-20 22:52:26):
" o results. Nothing happens. "
Peri from perishop wrote (2014-12-13 11:49:47):
" Great app! Thank you! "
Carol from feltpizzazzers wrote (2014-11-19 01:42:36):
" Thank you! "
Lindsay Lines from ChillOutChic wrote (2014-11-18 08:43:07):
" Brilliant app. Thank you! "
Davie Robinson from Attique Boutique wrote (2014-11-17 16:09:19):
" Unaware this tool was available.will change all tags accordingly. "
Caroline from Wild Mountain Studio wrote (2014-11-12 18:34:41):
" Seriously fascinating and useful information! Thank you so much! "
Cheryl Nyman from Cheryl Nyman wrote (2014-11-04 18:24:04):
" Great "
Renata from seadbeady wrote (2014-10-29 15:42:53):
" Very helpfull - will use this again :) "
Vida from ussrvintage wrote (2014-10-26 17:09:00):
" Thank you! It is very helpful and I am gooing to use etsygadget in future. "
kk from Vintageindiaart wrote (2014-10-24 09:33:31):
" thanks "
Татьяна from Crystalpiece wrote (2014-10-23 15:08:41):
" Можно узнать, что за фильтры стоят в вашем поиске, что это за _type=gallery&ship_to=ZZ&order=
т.к. результаты вашей программы абсолютно (часто на десяток и более страниц) не совпадают с реальными? Проверяла в разных браузерах с удаленными куками. Спасибо! "
Sara Nolte from sara nolte design wrote (2014-10-20 21:20:14):
" No results. "
Lara from Ribbon Embroidery Art wrote (2014-10-10 12:02:17):
Pam Duthie from benmcfuzzylugs wrote (2014-10-09 23:56:17):
" Hey, is something up? I searched for a term 'custom pet portrait' where I have one item on the front page - I wanted to see where my other items were - and it has come up with 0 items "
Eileen tepper from Tepperwear wrote (2014-10-05 17:31:56):
" Hi. I just did a query for 20 pages of a newsboy hat search. You say I have 14 products, but in actuality I have 0 products showing. I'm confused. Thanks. "
Karan Sipe from jeeperskeepers wrote (2014-10-01 16:08:57):
" Great information. "
Linda from FlowerPowerOhio wrote (2014-09-23 15:53:44):
" great concept, but it is not working. I don't have anything in the top 20, yet you show 2 items. "
Monika from tobisiaslilthings wrote (2014-09-22 16:34:37):
" helpful app, but not working correctly, showing wrong pages and positions of items... "
nikki mclaughlin from nikkimcl wrote (2014-09-15 16:32:19):
" You say my location is on page number 1 but I see it on page number 4 at the bottom. Are there different views on Etsy? "
nikki mclaughlin from nikkimcl wrote (2014-09-14 17:17:31):
" I checked my listing for grey pearl earring and couldn't find it anywhere on page number 3. It is on page 4. "
nikki mclaughlin from nikkimcl wrote (2014-09-14 17:17:07):
" I checked my listing for grey pearl earring and couldn't find it anywhere on page number 3. It is on page 4. "
Botas Ugg from Botas Ugg wrote (2014-09-14 05:02:55):
" It is now the norm to find Ugg boots in the stores and online which feature a wide range of colors including bright reds and greens or pinks, and all sorts of other bright colors. "
Stephanie Bell West from BlackSwampNaturals wrote (2014-09-13 00:16:41):
" The Search Is not working... "
Stephanie Bell West from BlackSwampNaturals wrote (2014-09-13 00:16:35):
" The Search Is not working... "
Vivian Benus from pinetreebeadsSearch wrote (2014-09-10 16:24:10):
" Search not showing many items in this caragory "
Vivian Benus from pinetreebeads wrote (2014-09-10 14:30:26):
" good feature "
Vivian Benus from pinetreebeads wrote (2014-09-10 14:24:00):
" This is very helpful "
Ginger Siminski from Ginger Root Knits wrote (2014-08-30 15:45:32):
" No results. "
Ravinder kamath from InternationalDesi wrote (2014-08-29 07:15:27):
" I AM UNABLE TO FIND MY SHOP. My shop name is InternationalDesi "
Elizabeth McCullough from lisacrochetables wrote (2014-08-27 11:09:34):
" Just started on Etsy "
Caroline from WickedEthel wrote (2014-08-27 04:46:25):
" Thanks. This was quite helpful to this new entrepreneur. Learn something new every day! "
Linda from FlowerPowerOhio wrote (2014-08-26 22:41:59):
" Very useful, but depressing- I have only 1item in top 20' but I see other shops with similar number of items for sale and they always have 2 or 3 items in top 20. I don't know what I am doing wrong. "
Reena Sommer from goldenhandscreation wrote (2014-08-20 00:16:32):
" A very useful tool! "
Donna Marski from Always Above and Beyond wrote (2014-08-13 14:57:25):
" overwhelmed starting this page up! Made a free shipping coupon , no clue how to put it on my store front "
rita from CraftandPack wrote (2014-08-03 13:44:26):
" doens´t work... "
Caroline from Wild Mountain Studio wrote (2014-07-22 02:43:06):
" My shop must not exist because there are NO results at all. Not very useful--disappointed! "
kristine Plum from plumrequests wrote (2014-07-18 03:28:15):
" this is very helpful, thank you "
Jen P from PattersonPaper wrote (2014-07-15 05:24:50):
" Awesome App!! wish i knew about it sooner "
gloria from littleflowerbygloria wrote (2014-07-14 19:27:31):
" Helpful app "
chalkandslate from chalkandslate wrote (2014-07-11 17:01:06):
" Great app! "
Linda White O.M. from OldLadyWhite wrote (2014-07-02 21:53:02):
" I got the link to this site from a discussion on the Etsy Forums. "
Denise from DeesDazzleDesigns wrote (2014-06-12 18:07:50):
" when I type it black bracelet nothing comes up in the search. When I type in black and gray it does. Black bracelet is the first part of my title. Can you help? I love this site. "
B Miller from things4thinkers wrote (2014-06-12 17:38:49):
" Is this accurate? I shouldn't be getting hardly any sales at all based on this placement, but I make enough to not have to work. Is this real world data? "
sherri from beadazzle me wrote (2014-06-12 16:57:29):
" thank you "
ADMIN from ADMIN wrote (2014-06-11 23:47:02):
" Take in mind, it looks like Etsy now has 2 or 3 sets of results for every search, it means that if you'll make the same search several times from different browsers (or every time clearing browser "COOKIES"), you'll see different search results. So it could be that EtsyGadget shows positions for your products for one set of search results and you in browser can see another set.

Sad but true :( "
ADMIN from ADMIN wrote (2014-06-11 23:08:09):
" Мы исправили неисправности в поиске, так что теперь должно работать.

Извините за неудобства "
ADMIN from ADMIN wrote (2014-06-11 23:07:26):
" We have fixed a malfunction, so from now the search should work well.

Sorry for inconvenience. "
ADMIN from ADMIN wrote (2014-06-10 09:11:10):
" Etsygadget has some malfuncion last few days(or weeks). That's because Etsy is experimenting changing some functionality that we use to determine some values. So sometimes it work and sometimes not. We'll wait untill they are finished with their experiments to implement the final solution. "
Marilyn MacCrakin from PhotosbyMarilyn wrote (2014-06-08 05:14:13):
" I searched on this site for my items and always got 0 items showing up. I searched on Etsy and got several of my items showing up several times on the first 10 pages. So, what happened here? Thanks, Marilyn "
Johnd378601 from Johnd378 wrote (2014-05-31 23:32:55):
" betamethasone acetatena phos gegefkddgckd "
dreamupgraphic from dreamupgraphic wrote (2014-05-24 22:59:54):
" Thanks "
liron from Goodsclass wrote (2014-05-21 10:13:41):
" art shop "
laure from CreationsLaurebijoux wrote (2014-05-21 09:15:02):
" Merci, je vais tester "
laure from Creations Laure wrote (2014-05-21 09:14:03):
" Merci, je vais tester "
Liana from wild rose& sparrow wrote (2014-05-21 00:40:40):
" Etsygadget is not working. At least one of my items is on pg.4 and it is not showing it. Please fix it! "
Breanna from UntamedRose wrote (2014-05-17 06:56:37):
" Isnt working :/ I know it's not working. As I have an item on the first page when I search etsy myself. Have checked caps. Please fix I liked this tool, it's been helpful in the past :) "
Lara from LuckyKarmaCreations wrote (2014-05-02 19:14:35):
" Thank you! This was very helpful. "
May from Princmay wrote (2014-04-30 13:25:40):
" Thank you very much! I love etsygadget! "
ADMIN from WARMdrobe wrote (2014-04-29 10:26:01):
" Etsygadget has some malfuncion last few days(or weeks). That's because Etsy is experimenting changing some functionality that we use to determine some values. So sometimes it work and sometimes not. We'll wait untill they are finished with their experiments to implement the final solution. "
cynthia hanson from vintage variety values wrote (2014-04-28 00:06:43):
" doesn't work "
Charlene Lundgren from BearSouls wrote (2014-04-26 22:19:01):
" I have the following tags on my hand made bears: Teddy bear × toy × bear × heirloom bear × cuddly teddy × Soft Bear × stuffed bear × teddybear × furry × artist bear × handmade × soft toy and I have come up in O searches. I have even taken out ads and I still come up in zero searches. I really am at my wits end. "
Lisa from ArtisticFunk wrote (2014-04-24 16:59:36):
" NOT working! Used to work intermittently, but now not at all. Disappointing! :( "
Henry Smith from MountainViewWood wrote (2014-04-20 19:32:33):
" I like your tool and in the past have used it a lot because it was spot on.

However, now your tool seems to be inconsistent. For example, when searching on Jewelry Box (handmade or otherwise), I am consistently on page 6 around position 20.

When I use your tool, more than likely you will not find me within 20 pages.

Why might this be so?

H.S. "
Ken Morris from largerstory wrote (2014-04-17 17:40:52):
" Hey all!
It appears that the search on etsygadget.com requires exact capitalization as well. I couldn't find my shop until I change the capitals.

I sell glitch art photography and travel and nature photography.

www.etsy.com/shop/largerstory "
Colleen Bristol from sweetfinds4u wrote (2014-04-17 14:07:09):
" would be a good tool, but i'm being shown with 0 products count. Not a good thing! "
Nikki from 3colon7 wrote (2014-04-14 18:49:58):
" Is Etsygadget even working? It's not even showing any results for my products nor giving suggested tags. Such a bummer, seems like a great tool. "
Nikki from 3colon7 wrote (2014-04-14 18:49:53):
" Is Etsygadget even working? It's not even showing any results for my products nor giving suggested tags. Such a bummer, seems like a great tool. "
ADMIN from SexyCrochetByOlga wrote (2014-04-11 19:29:48):
" Etsygadget has some malfuncion last few days(or weeks). That's because Etsy is experimenting changing some functionality that we use to determine some values. So sometimes it work and sometimes not. We'll wait untill they are finished with their experiments to implement the final solution. "
Dawn from PaperPrezzies wrote (2014-04-11 17:54:38):
" Gadget seems to not be working. Sad! "
Patsy Cornell from patwatty wrote (2014-04-10 07:33:43):
" Your searches are not accurate. I searched for art deco necklace on Etsy and I had 1 on page 1, 2 on page 2, 3 on page 3. Your search stated just 1 item appeared for that search and it was on page 1. "
Wendy from HappyCosmos wrote (2014-04-09 07:01:43):
" Found this pretty useless....I am actually on the first page for most searches I put in, but this tool gave me 0 results in 20 pages. "
Brent Payne from IsleOfCraftin wrote (2014-04-08 23:25:04):
" Didn't get any results this time, but will try again. Seems like a great idea. "
Kira Ko from perfectlyorganized.etsy.com wrote (2014-04-08 14:02:07):
" Great tool! "
B Miller from Things4Thinkers wrote (2014-04-07 19:20:21):
" This site is useless, nothing comes up at all, it can't find any of my items and if I go to etsy to search they come up on the first page usually. I would bet money that this website has been abandoned "
kate from kandccreative wrote (2014-04-07 15:22:58):
" thank you "
Nancy from SewSmartStudio wrote (2014-04-07 15:14:07):
" This is very helpful since I am still trying to learn about SEO. Thanks!
Charmain from tambocollection wrote (2014-04-07 05:36:08):
" it look interesting I would like to sell more Fabrics "
Cassandra from LucyBirdy wrote (2014-04-06 22:53:49):
" I agree with Cheryl.. Has not been working correctly this passed week :/ "
Cheryl Peterson from CherylPetersonDesign wrote (2014-04-06 19:13:35):
" Used to use this site all the time and even donated money to you! Site does not seem to be working accurately. What's happened, and can you fix it? "
demy from maycily wrote (2014-04-06 11:00:40):
" lets see if this works... "
Rosalba from DreamUpGraphic wrote (2014-04-06 10:41:44):
" Ogni volta? Grazie "
Camelias from cameebijoux wrote (2014-04-06 04:53:35):
" It does help, but you need to leave a review every time you use it. "
julijana from JorArtJewelry wrote (2014-04-05 20:43:17):
" I like it! thank you! helps! "
Kate from repurposedKATE wrote (2014-04-03 10:22:35):
" Would any of you who use the tool be willing to pay a monthly subscription to the owner of this site if the accuracy of the results were guaranteed? "
Amy Young from Black Cat Links wrote (2014-04-02 05:43:48):
" Deborah, it isn't working. I just tried the same search 3 times in one minute, the first time came up with 0, then 7, then 5. I have double checked searches and this site is no longer accurate. It will pull up some of my items, but not all. And I do have the search set for 20 pages. I'm really disappointed, I used to use this site all the time, and it was so helpful. "
Edwina McMaster from The Bag Lady From The Bay wrote (2014-03-29 22:39:30):
" Have I used good tags for my quilted pouches? "
Deborah from onedaysgracenz wrote (2014-03-25 02:16:18):
" Great tool for seeing placing of items, and for getting keywords. Seeing lots of comments that it doesn't work - it does! If you are seeing no results it is because your products aren't featured in the number of pages you have selected. the default is for it to search the first 5 pages on Etsy only. Increase the limit number of pages searched to 20 pages in the selection box above and try again. "
Cheryl from Kozy Kitchens wrote (2014-03-23 17:17:58):
" I love the idea of Etsy Gadget and have found it helpful on occasion. Most of the time it just doesn't give you any results (good or bad) Wish it would always work. "
DreamUpGraphic from DreamUpGraphic wrote (2014-03-22 19:44:36):
" great! "
DreamUpGraphic from DreamUpGraphic wrote (2014-03-22 19:42:14):
" great! "
Amy Young from Black Cat Links wrote (2014-03-22 18:33:03):
" I used to use this all the time it was one of my favorite tools, but it is no longer working like it used to. I just did a search it found one item which I knew wasn't correct, I searched again it found 13 which was better, but still not correct, tried it a third time and it found one item again. I sure hope this site will be fixed. "
Aj from Ajmartin jewelry wrote (2014-03-18 13:24:48):
" Nothing happened "
Fantasticum from Relevancy wrote (2014-03-16 09:15:44):
" 20 "
Barbara from WorldOfWillows wrote (2014-03-16 04:07:56):
" This is so very helptful!
Thank you "
Laura from withhugsandkisses wrote (2014-03-12 15:15:26):
" Interesting "
Wanda from wandakashuba wrote (2014-03-12 04:34:13):
" 1st time user - don't know what I'm looking for yet!
lauren from Kitsart wrote (2014-03-11 04:36:19):
" Trying this gadget out never tried it before. "
Carol arnold from Carolaglass wrote (2014-03-10 21:49:35):
" I don't understand what to do. It's not finding my products "
Pam Beers from Ellie & Belle wrote (2014-03-04 05:10:55):
" I don't have many sales... not sure what I am doing wrong. "
Cheryl Peterson from CherylPetersonDesign wrote (2014-03-01 20:02:29):
" For the last several days the site will only let me do one search before it freezes.The "check the results on Etsy" are also frozen. This never happened in previsous searches. What to do? Cheryl "
Deb Flaherty from FlahertyNaturals wrote (2014-02-28 20:47:28):
" Love this Gadget!!! Thanks :) "
Deb Flaherty from FlahertyNaturals wrote (2014-02-28 20:46:59):
" Love this Gadget!!! Thanks :) "
DreamUpGraphic from DreamUpGraphic wrote (2014-02-28 20:44:59):
" Congrats!!! "
DreamUpGraphic from DreamUpGraphic wrote (2014-02-27 21:21:49):
" GREAT tool!! Unique! "
Pamela Ponsart from Pam's Fab Photos wrote (2014-02-26 19:40:50):
" It's 'interesting' how it can change from day to day. I've done a lot of work on my tags; hopefully, I'll start getting some sales. "
chiara from loopingwire wrote (2014-02-26 12:53:31):
" ho messo la app tra i preferiti :) "
Pamela Ponsart from Pam's Fab Photos wrote (2014-02-25 03:58:01):
" Thank you! I think I'm getting the hang of this. "
Pamela Ponsart from pamsfabphotos wrote (2014-02-24 18:37:28):
" This seems to work best if I spell it the way the internet sees it; no capitals or spaces...but I'll check again soon. Thanks. "
Pamela Ponsart from Pam's Fab Photos wrote (2014-02-24 18:31:04):
" I'm not certain just how this will help me with tags yet but will check back...
Thanks! "
Lisa Burkley from chinaberrycreek wrote (2014-02-24 03:27:11):
" great site!!! "
Beate from Patterns Tried and true wrote (2014-02-22 09:05:06):
" This is just the MOST helpful tool for any Etsy seller. It really helps us to be found by our customers when we know were we show up. Thank you so much. I will donate asp. Still have not made any money yet on Etsy, but I am confident I will now, since I found you. "
Annie Roldan from The Paper Needle wrote (2014-02-21 15:26:35):
" Very helpful tool!! "
Vicky from Mybebito wrote (2014-02-21 09:55:12):
" I didn't see any results. "
Vicky from Mybebito wrote (2014-02-21 09:55:02):
" I didn't see any results. "
keila scott from ENJOY THE TRAFFIC wrote (2014-02-20 22:34:48):
Breanna from UntamedRose wrote (2014-02-20 22:29:03):
" I really love this tool, I do find it to be accurate. Love using it finding self on the 17th page, making some SEO edits to TA DA the 1st page :) "
Blenda Risteen from The Orange Chair Studio wrote (2014-02-20 15:08:40):
" Many people are writing negative comments because they aren't seeing any results. It might be helpful to explain to users that they need to type in their shop name without spaces. I have been using this product for months with VERY accurate results EVERY time - THANK YOU for such a helpful tool! "
Kristin from AYearLater wrote (2014-02-18 16:53:46):
" Very useful tool, my admires! But you have some serious bugs. Showing an item wich is not there, or not showing an item which is somewhere there.. "
Dawn from catsbeadkitsandmore wrote (2014-02-18 02:13:30):
" Very interesting tool and results. Finally figured out to scroll down the page for results! Shows a lot of info, Thanks!! "
samarkand.moymir.uz from samarkand.moymir.uz wrote (2014-02-17 15:15:21):
" Зачет! и ниипет! "
создание сайтов from создание сайтов wrote (2014-02-16 21:10:06):
" За статью премного благодарен, все по делу, достаточно много кто это использует "
FabulousCat from FabulousCatpapers wrote (2014-02-16 19:53:41):
" I find it very very useful!!!
It helped me to find out if my tag changes have impact.
Thank you very much!
I will continue to use it. I also think that the accuracy is not so important, because the postings of listings are continuous at Etsy and I find reasonable to change the order all the time.
:-) Thank you! "
Robyn from Drakestail Jewellery wrote (2014-02-14 16:52:09):
" I didn't receive any search results. :( "
Katerina from Klaptik wrote (2014-02-12 11:07:55):
" Thanks for the wonderful information! "
Donna from LeviLady Ceramics wrote (2014-02-11 23:35:48):
" Didn't get any response "
Debbie from Color Garden Jewelry wrote (2014-02-11 18:14:13):
" I didn't receive a response. "
Julian Lovegrove from julian lovegrove art wrote (2014-02-09 11:55:39):
" I couldn't see any results! Q Des that mean my search words are useless?
Julian "
Jennifer from pocketwatchemporium wrote (2014-02-08 17:07:36):
" Just does not seem to work anymore for my shop. "
Malina from JustDangles wrote (2014-02-06 21:18:54):
" Not exactly accurate when determining what pages to find your items on, but it's a very useful tool for figuring out relevant keywords. So much better, quicker and easier than Adwords. "
zeljka from Aella Jewelry wrote (2014-02-03 01:44:29):
" Unfortunately this is not accurate. Everything has to be checked on Etsy, because very often different results. "
antoinette from DigitalSugar wrote (2014-02-02 20:16:57):
" This is not accurate. Says I have something on page 8, but I immediately searched for it on Etsy and it shows up as page 10. "
Maryanne from FenderMinerals wrote (2014-02-01 19:26:39):
" Tried this about a week ago, implemented some changes and had nice results. Thank you "
Dana C Smith from swagbagsplus wrote (2014-02-01 16:07:17):
" Thanks for the valuable, time saving tool! "
Wong Ing San from TropicalGarden wrote (2014-01-31 08:47:33):
" Thanks for the wonderful information! So much to learn and go for it! "
June from ThresholdPaperArt wrote (2014-01-31 00:24:07):
" I couldn't believe my shop had 0 in this category. I checked in Etsy and found I have 7 items here. "
Tammy Rogers from etsy.com/shop/sonshineart wrote (2014-01-29 20:45:56):
" Not sure what I need to do? Very new at this. Getting nothing. Help! "
Barbara Ann from Barbara Anns Creations wrote (2014-01-28 02:32:09):
" Not getting anything...What am I not doing right "
Pat from thisimadeforyou wrote (2014-01-28 02:01:09):
" Search shows no results. Just wonder what I need to do to fix this. "
Cher from DesignsbyCher wrote (2014-01-27 19:53:07):
" Very cool, it worked great on my first try! Thanks... must bookmark "
Susan from McKenzieCreekJewelry wrote (2014-01-22 02:33:53):
" Search shows no results but when I check the results on Etsy my items are often on the very first page.
Thanks for trying, but there must still be some bugs in the system. :)
cynthia from SculptureDesigns wrote (2014-01-19 14:57:10):
" hope this works "
Irina from My burlap studio wrote (2014-01-16 14:32:43):
" This is very useful tool. Thanks a lot! "
olga from OlgaJewelryBoutique wrote (2014-01-16 13:49:55):
" Wonderful tool! Thank you! "
mia from fieldsofvintage wrote (2014-01-15 07:45:36):
" Thank you. this is great "
Eyranne from eyrannecrafts wrote (2014-01-14 00:34:26):
" This WONDERFUL! Thank you so much!!!!! "
Janice Fusco from hart2hartdesigns wrote (2014-01-09 00:10:31):
" thanks...looks like I have much to learn "
Vicky from VickysLittleSecrets wrote (2014-01-05 15:53:06):
" Awesome site! "
Kasey from TreasuredHearts wrote (2014-01-03 05:17:52):
" Currently working on updating my SEO and I came across this site. It has been a wonderful tool and I really enjoy using it. "
Margie from linenartisan wrote (2013-12-23 11:21:52):
" One always learn about SEO and tag .. I'm doing something wrong .. I do special curtains, but curtains after all !.. where are they? "
PrettySang from PrettySang wrote (2013-12-14 17:35:53):
" I tried few times but kept on showing no product found on the search, am I key something wrong? Anyone can advise? Thanks! "
Charmaine from Tambo Collection wrote (2013-12-13 17:04:59):
" Great info. "
sabrinalimanoirot from SABDECO wrote (2013-12-13 13:37:04):
" Great page! Thank you. "
Pam Masek from GoStitch wrote (2013-11-21 23:13:37):
" This is very useful. "
Karen Meives from 2vintagefools wrote (2013-11-21 01:24:36):
" This is very helpful. I appreciate the suggestions. "
Heather from VadisArtist wrote (2013-11-16 21:58:49):
" Very useful, especially the tagging info. People having trouble locating their shop may need to enter it as one whole word instead of two, VadisArtist instead of Vadis Artist. "
trevor from simply ear loops and more wrote (2013-11-13 17:55:22):
" great tool you have here but it did not recognise my shop name for some reason..? "
may from adolllabelbyanapat wrote (2013-11-05 17:56:44):
" great :) "
Christa from oilpaintingschrista wrote (2013-11-04 18:36:55):
" Brilliant this service,thank you!!! "
Jenn from Sophisticated Hound wrote (2013-11-04 15:11:54):
" The site isn't working, nothing is loading at all. Not giving me any search words or anything, it just freezes. "
Clare from FiveForSilverDesigns wrote (2013-11-03 21:28:19):
" Brilliant service and so much better than trawling through pages and pages of search results. Thank you! "
Shandor Madjar from ArtSilverDesigns wrote (2013-11-01 06:18:17):
" Great tool to search for new and unknown keywords. Thanks! "
Geri Farkas from Enchantedcircle1234 wrote (2013-10-29 23:57:07):
" Thank you for this service "
Jennifer from pocketwatchemporium wrote (2013-10-28 17:08:39):
" Working now. I do love this service. Thanks "
Jennifer from pocketwatchemporium wrote (2013-10-28 16:14:21):
" This is not working today. Show I placed on several pages and I did not. Each time I enter the search I get a totally different result. "
Shirley from annsliee wrote (2013-10-28 12:16:07):
" Bless YOU!!!! And thank you so much for this service. "
marcy from namaste4everartshop wrote (2013-10-24 14:51:56):
" Why if yesterday I put a new product with the corrects tags I cannot founded???. I painted canvas... What is the order in the pages ???, Who do it??? If is new...going in the first 20 pages????????? Who Knows ??? !!!!! Namaste ! "
Diane from dstefanTreasures wrote (2013-10-24 02:07:14):
" Love this service! I think it's going to work out great for me. I need all the help I can get :) "
Anita F. from BeadJewelryByAnita wrote (2013-10-23 23:53:08):
" Great tool for learning about the most effective keywords for your items.
Thanks! "
Nina from AelaDesign wrote (2013-10-22 01:11:48):
" Wonderful tool! Thank you! "
Judith Haynie from the3vintagesisters wrote (2013-10-22 00:20:32):
" thank you for this service. It helps a lot. "
Alana from ohayomtndesigns wrote (2013-10-20 02:50:55):
" hope to learn a lot "
Audrey from retrograndma wrote (2013-10-18 05:21:46):
" I love this tool! Thank you so much! "
Lynn from ForgotMeNot wrote (2013-10-16 16:49:41):
" I love this app. thank you so much for sharing it. "
Ani from Handmadebyani wrote (2013-10-16 13:46:34):
" Great Tool!!! "
Jordan White from WhiteCross Designs wrote (2013-10-14 17:07:17):
" great app idea! Will try it immediately after comparing actual/existing vs. suggested! "
Loraine from EnchantedStyles wrote (2013-10-14 16:16:44):
" This is such a super cool program! I am thankful to have read the thread on the Etsy forum. It is a very helpful tool! "
Jennifer from SassyDivasDressShop wrote (2013-10-13 14:22:29):
" This isn't working for me! Tried twice and nothing. Hope it works soon..based on reviews below it looks like it really works. "
Jan Matson from JanMatsonArt wrote (2013-10-10 23:08:18):
" Very useful, thank you once again! "
ginger stockwell from PuddlesOfInk wrote (2013-10-10 09:14:45):
" Sweet. Good checker. "
sabine from studiosabine wrote (2013-10-10 07:30:57):
" very helpful - thank you! "
Jan Matson from JanMatsonArt wrote (2013-10-10 07:08:08):
" This is a fantastic help in choosing the most appropriate key words! "
Joanne from WitchWayBeauty wrote (2013-10-07 20:17:46):
" This is a really good search program and has helped me find which tags are effective for my products. "
Brian Inman from TrendyCoasters wrote (2013-10-05 13:58:57):
" It was the weirdest thing. I was thinking how nice it would to have something like this instead of browsing through the pages. I see someone mention it in the Etsy forums. This is a very valuable tool. "
Mary Toland from purseonalitybymary wrote (2013-10-02 06:03:00):
" I was please to find this tool. It saves me lots of time so I can work on other things. I will be using this all the time in the future. Thank you, thank you, thank you! "
Donna from freshofftheneedle wrote (2013-10-02 00:22:37):
" happy to find 15 of my scarves on the first 10 pages..thank you "
Vicky from VickysLittleSecrets wrote (2013-09-27 06:46:11):
" This is a wonderful tool! "
Vicky from VickysLittleSecrets wrote (2013-09-27 06:42:23):
" This is a wonderful tool! "
Jeanne Delaney from seemycreationstoday wrote (2013-09-23 01:43:14):
" I think this is a great help to me. Tags are so confusing. "
Elissa from labellegifts wrote (2013-09-20 17:16:48):
" Thanks so much for the tags priority info! "
Guest from Guest wrote (2013-09-15 13:18:40):
" Impressive tool ! Made my life much easier ;) "
Rachel of OddModicum from OddModicum wrote (2013-08-31 15:33:55):
" This is such an amazing tool, and I'm telling EVERYONE I can find about it! But like Melissa, I'm not able to get it to work. It was working perfectly the other day. Hoping/praying its functional again soon, because this is an amazing resource for sellers not 100% versed in Etsy/Google SEO.

Thank you!!! "
Melissa from GeauxMelange wrote (2013-08-30 18:22:41):
" Worked the other day and now its not. I know I am on the first 5 pages of several items. Not sure if this is working or not, but going to go check my shop again. "
Lin from FlauntDesignsJewelry wrote (2013-08-24 02:10:41):
" Thank you, good to check on tag efficiency! "
Lily from Cooperstation wrote (2013-08-22 04:11:14):
" What an extremely valuable tool. Thank you so much! "
katuasha from katuasha wrote (2013-08-20 12:53:28):
" Definitely helpful with tagging, thanks! "
ADMIN from SexyCrochetByOlga wrote (2013-08-19 15:12:01):
" Hi, Hadley.
We have changed the format of tags priority. Now it looks more understandable. The higher is percentage - more important this tag is. "
Hadley Sedgwick from hadleyclay wrote (2013-08-18 05:25:50):
" I love this site! I'm so happy to find such a helpful tool - unlike any other!
One question though, what do the numbers after the recommended tags stand for? Just curious. "
beate from Patterns Tried and True wrote (2013-08-16 12:28:55):
" Such a useful application. Sure to be a great help for Etsy sellers, since many have trouble finding good tags. Excellent keyword suggestions too. "
Suzanne from jewelry1910 wrote (2013-08-14 20:44:45):
" Definitely helpful with tagging, thanks! "
joann rutkowski from fancyschmancyjewels wrote (2013-08-08 22:52:32):
" love this - love it love it love it "
Kim from timandkimshow wrote (2013-08-08 01:08:37):
" very useful! "
Eli from PillowsRollanda wrote (2013-08-07 15:38:09):
" Thank you so much!
Good tool - I see how my tags work.
Very useful and easy to program "
lizette from doyourememberwhen wrote (2013-08-06 14:37:48):
" useful tool, thanks. "
Cynthia from LoveTimes3 wrote (2013-08-04 20:03:31):
" Thank you for the tags to let me know where I am. "
joann rutkowski from fancyschmancyjewels wrote (2013-08-02 23:51:45):
" wow this is fabulous. can't wait to go change some or probably most of my listings.... This is great... "
Nadia from crafts2love wrote (2013-07-31 23:21:12):
" Great tool! Thanks a lot! "
Elizabeth from PepperLaneExclusives wrote (2013-07-31 10:09:58):
" Brilliant tool, so helpful to see them all lined up like this. Saved me hours "
Ganev O'Grady from ReTainReMakeReNew wrote (2013-07-30 15:04:13):
" Cool tool - very useful - thanks "
Melinda Cummings from Squirrelsnestfineart wrote (2013-07-29 03:50:04):
" What a perfect tool for anyone who needs assistance utilizing all 13 tags! (And who doesn't!) "
Kate from OurBoudoir wrote (2013-07-29 02:03:02):
" what a wonderful tool! Now how to become more relevant?! "
Leesa from waalaa wrote (2013-07-29 00:47:50):
" What a great tool! So quick & easy to use - love it!
Alicia from boylerpf wrote (2013-07-29 00:31:57):
" Well done & so easy to use! Thank you!! "
Dennis W. from MrSoDear2MyHeart wrote (2013-07-28 23:02:38):
" This is fantastic. I call it "Tags Demystified". "
Trish G. Repay from blackcrowcurios wrote (2013-07-28 20:21:32):
" I really appreciate the ease of use of etsygadget! thank you!!! "
Denise Davison from hanovermerrymakers wrote (2013-07-28 15:39:26):
" this is great and such a help with my tags, which I struggle with "
Janette from AmericanDollClothes wrote (2013-07-27 20:08:11):
" Thank yo so much! I'm so glad I found you, you have helped me so much. What a wonderful tool!! Thank you. "
Robyn from DreamsOfMay wrote (2013-07-24 13:00:40):
" Very cool!
Thank you so much for developing it! "
pilar from pilarmoon wrote (2013-07-23 16:16:12):
" muchas gracias!!
Me pondre a ello.
Saludos. "
Tetiana from Otruta wrote (2013-07-21 22:40:04):
" Thank you so much!
Great idea and very helpful tool! :) "
suzanne mullett from onthewallusa wrote (2013-07-21 13:42:44):
" love this tool.!!! "
Diane from BorgmannsCreations wrote (2013-07-20 21:52:56):
" Great help thank you
Some tag changes do not show up. "
Kari from kari1121 wrote (2013-07-20 13:49:10):
" Just a quick grammatical error for you to fix: Just above it says "Leave you comment"...should say "your". Site is interesting though, thank you! "
ADMIN from wrote (2013-07-20 12:17:50):
" Pilar Garcia, tendrás que revisar los tags de tus productos. He notado que solo usas los tags de una sola palabra - tienes que cambiarlo. Conseguir que te encuentren por las búsquedas de una sola palabra como "Collar" o "Pendientes" es prácticamente imposible ya que en estas búsquedas en primeras páginas prácticamente solo están los productos que pagan por "actualización" cada una o dos horas y así se destacan. Pero puedes conseguir posicionarte bien en las búsquedas con dos o tres palabras tipo "Collar rojo", o "pendientes de plata" o lo que sea. Inténtalo, mira los tags recomendados para tus búsquedas y cuenta luego el resultado :) "
Fran LeRoy from AprilSnowJewelry wrote (2013-07-20 12:16:12):
" very helpful! "
ADMIN from wrote (2013-07-20 12:09:14):
" Renee Edinger, all data is actualized from Etsy online. Etsy has some delay to update your changes, so try to make search on Etsy and you'll see an old title there too. "
Kerry from seasonsoflovebtq wrote (2013-07-19 19:22:50):
" I LOVE this tool! It is very helpful. "
pilar garcia from pilarmoon wrote (2013-07-19 18:04:45):
" No sale mi tienda en las 20 paginas de la busqueda.
Que me recomiendas?
Pilar "
Annie from itsallaboutkidz wrote (2013-07-17 17:35:44):
" This is great, thank you so much. "
Faith from FaithAnnOriginals wrote (2013-07-17 14:37:27):
" Thanks so much! "
Molly from ColdPressCreations / DigitalPressCreation wrote (2013-07-17 03:31:52):
" This tool is amazing and you are so wonderful for making it and releasing it to the public!
I second Renee's question about titles. I have actually noticed that changes to images also dont show up. "
Nicky from Annyse wrote (2013-07-17 00:20:09):
" Fab tool!Thank you!! "
lorna from balelaceramics wrote (2013-07-16 22:22:21):
" very interesting!
thank you so much "
LaFiabarussa from lafiabarussa wrote (2013-07-16 20:51:19):
" very nice!
many thanks "
Renee Edinger from reneesretro wrote (2013-07-16 17:52:13):
" Thanks so much for your shop tool! I have noticed that if I also tweak the title, the old title shows up even if the ranking changes. So does tweaking the title make a difference with your shop tool? "
Martha from Thistleroseweaving wrote (2013-07-16 16:58:18):
" Very helpful, thank you "
Olga from SexyCrochetByOlga wrote (2013-07-16 16:36:36):
" Love this gadget for my etsy shop.

Olga from SexyCrochetByOlga wrote (2013-07-16 15:55:32):
" Thank you very much! Great tool!

Good luck! "